5 Differences Between Donald Trump and Barack Obama

It has been more than a month now since the 45th President of United States, Donald Trump assumed office. Donald Trump and Barack Obama have already been making the headlines these days. This year’s election has been by far the most interesting one and so was the result. Election of Donald Trump as the president has made on thing clear, America is looking for a change. Unlike Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump was a newcomer in the politics and it seems people are looking for a change, as a result, they voted for Donald Trump. Donald Trump has been trending throughout the election campaign period. He has made various promises and as his presidency unravels we will see how many of those promises come true. We have seen Donald Trump and Barack Obama during their individual campaigns.

Donald Trump and Barack Obama

Barack Obama had been the president of the United States for two continuous terms. During his presidency, we have seen some major changes. He became the president when the country was trying to recover from the recession. Jobs had been reduced and there was tremendous pressure to revive the falling economy. During the two terms, Barack Obama was able to achieve many goals. The rate of unemployment plunged to its all-time low during the time he was in office. He also made some major reforms which helped the country to revive and develop. During the las few months of his presidency, he supported Hilary Clinton and worked in her campaigns.

Barack Obama

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Donald Trump has been a very successful businessman and he is now the wealthiest person to become the president. He campaigned for the being the 45th president of the United States and he won with 306 votes. During his campaigns, he made numerous promises and now we will see how many of them will come true. Donald Trump had a very successful campaign with all his family members supporting and helping him. Since he did not reveal his tax returns, he had to face criticism from many politicians. It has now been more than a month since he assumed the office and he has already met with some important people.

Donald Trump

Both Trump and Obama are well know politicians so here is a list of some points of differences between Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

1. Political Experience of Donald Trump and Barack Obama

Outgoing president Barack Obama has been in politics since 1996. Obama was elected to the Illinois Senate in 1996. Once elected, Obama gained bipartisan support for legislation that reformed ethics and health care laws. He was reelected to the Illinois Senate in 1998, defeating Republican Yesse Yehudah in the general election, and was reelected again in 2002. Obama was sworn in as a senator on January 3, 2005, becoming the only Senate member of the Congressional Black Caucus. He later on became the president of United States in 2009 and again in 2013.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has been a businessman, television personality, and a politician.He owned the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants from 1996 to 2015. In June 2015, he announced his candidacy for the 2016 election, and quickly emerged as the front-runner among 17 candidates in the Republican primaries. This was the first time when Donald Trump began campaigning. His political career began with his 2016 campaign which he successfully completed by being elected as the president.

Their political differences


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2. Their Campaign Agendas

During his campaign, Barack Obama concentrated mainly on the social and economic issues that the country faced. He also focused on reforming the gun laws which had many loopholes. His major agenda during his election campaign was improving the employment rate and creating more jobs. He also focused on reforming the health care system and when elected he introduced Obamacare.

Donald Trump had three main agendas during his election campaign. He promised to build a wall to stop the Mexicans from entering the US. Next, he promised to “drain the swamp“, which means remove the wealthy politicians who have been molding the decisions to their benefits. Creating more job opportunities have been the agendas of both Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

Their Campaign Agendas

3. First 30 Days of Presidency

Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, a $787 billion economic stimulus package aimed at helping the economy recover from the deepening worldwide recession in the first 30 days of his presidency. He also went ahead to sign many executive orders which were in the benefit of the US. He also made new health reforms and introduced Obamacare.

The biggest executive order signed by Donald Trump was the order that banned seven mainly Muslim countries from entering the United States. He also signed a total of six executive orders in the first few days of his presidency. Few of those orders were concerned with the Mexico wall building.

First 30 Days of Presidency


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4. Personality Comparision : Donald Trump and Barack Obama

Barack Obama has been known for his calm and mature demeanor. He is a very energetic and enigmatic personality who enjoys many things. Over the years we have come to know that he loves children very much. During his time as the president of the US, he has been known for his understanding nature. He has also handled many tight situations as the President, with poise and confidence.

Donald Trump and Barack Obama have both displayed a tremendous amount of confidence during their campaigns. Donald Trump is known for his shrewd short temper and his out spoken personality. He has also been very insulting at times during his campaigns.Donald Trump is strong but a shrewd leader.

Their Personalitites

5. Religious Tolerance

Barack Obama was a very progressive leader who had respect for every religion. He believes in treating others as they would treat him. Same-sex marriage was supported by him, which was strongly opposed by many religious leaders. He also believed that because of the actions of a few people of Muslim community you cannot blame the whole community.

Donald Trump has strongly opposed the same-sex marriage. It is believed by him that it is the complete Muslim community that needs to be kept under the radar for all the wrong doings of a few radicals.

Religious Tolerance - Donald Trump and Barack Obama

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