Pulwama Attack – Act of Terrorism or Act of War?

Since 1947, there always has been a fine line between India – Pakistan to break down to major havoc. 14th February 2019, when the entire world was celebrating the festival of love, India witnessed a completely horrifying incident. The undreamed and unspeakable terror attack against the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) convoy in Pulwama district or Kashmir better known as Pulwama attack, has left the entire nation numb. This bloodshed has once again brought the two nuclear-armed nations India and Pakistan at confining showdown.

Pulwama Attack, Kashmir

Not one, not two but 40 CRPF personnel lost their lives in the suicidal blast on a black day. When a convoy in which they were travelling was all of a sudden attacked by a Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) suicide bomber, Adil Ahmad Dar, 22, who just ran into his explosives-weighted vehicle into one of the convoy’s buses. It is crucial to note that the Pakistan-based and state-backed Jaish-e-Mohammad almost immediately claimed the attack, yet none action has been taken by the opponent nation.

As the pyres are still lit and the nation mourns the Pulwama martyrs, what should be the next step, Second surgical strike, War, Silence, what??

So many questions but literally nothing to say. Anger, Revenge, Sorrow, Greif, Betrayal, Helplessness, So many emotions altogether but can we do anything for it?

Pakistan’s Perception 

So far until today, Pakistan’s response to Pulwama attack has been a complete denial adding with the Prime Minister of the nation Imran Khan to be ultimate quite. However seething anger of Indians finally urged him to speak on this blast. In his interview, “We have been fighting against terrorism for the past 15 years. How will Pakistan benefit from such incidents,” he asks. In addition to this he says, Pakistan is ready to help India investigate the deadliest blast in Kashmir, but will retaliate if New Delhi attacks. 

“Pakistan won’t just think to retaliate. Pakistan will retaliate,”

These were his words on national television.

Terrorist Attack

Pakistan, however, needs to stop these denials and start acting for real. It is definitely quite clear that the JeM’s members are roaming about freely in Pakistan which is definitely not acceptable. Pakistan’s usual answers — ‘we will come to them eventually’ or ‘we are also already fighting them’ — won’t cut ice any more. If peace is what they are expecting then they definitely need to play their part with utmost honesty. Bringing down all these terror organizations will not only safeguard the citizens of other nations but also theirs. Because this time:


The Time to talk is over.

The Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi, inbuilt the same level of anger as each and every citizen of the nation. He said,

“Hesitating from taking actions against terrorists and their supporters will be like encouraging terrorism. Brutal terrorist attack in Pulwama proves THE TIME TO TALK WITH PAKISTAN IS OVER. Now the entire world needs to unite against terrorism and its supporters and take strong actions,”

On the contrary, the general elections may worsen the scenario.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The BJP leadership knows that if they play their cards well at this crucial moment, it has the ball in their court and stands a chance to form the next government. However, if things go another way round, the chance would become weak. This makes the situation far uglier in terms of the payoff. So, taking advantage of this situation, Mr Imran Khan said he understands 2019 to be India’s election year and the hence blaming Pakistan would make it easier to get votes from the masses.

It really seems to make things looping around..!!

India’s Next Step

What if India seeks to respond to Pakistan’s alleged Pulwama attack, what options do we have?

CRPF jawans Martyered

Obviously, for the on-going BJP government, the retaliation has to be really incredible and utmost prompt so as to limit the options as the elections are very close.

  1. By withdrawing the Most Favoured Nation status delivered by WTO would literally not affect Pakistan, resulting in the low trade volume involved.
  2. Ceasing or diverting the flow of waters not towards Pakistan is practically impossible.
  3. Isolating Pakistan internationally. It is really easy to say so rather than to implement. China being one of the strongest countries is quite closer to Pakistan today than ever before. Russia is warming up to it. The whole and sole reason because of the geopolitical importance of the region — it will take no time for the US to come back.
  4. The only option left is to talk to China to get Pakistan to breakdown the JeM, which will definitely take patience.

What about the armed forces?

  1. Surgical strikes – Like 2016? During the URI Surgical strike, the Pakistani side did not respond to it then but the Pulwama attack was quite devastating. If we continue so, you never know the reaction this time could be really different. But there is a possibility that they might face some military crisis. As said a coin has two sides.
  2. Aircraft Strike – Aircraft strike definitely will be carried from the LOC which might be easily detected and intercepted by Pakistani radars and air defence systems. If an aircraft is shot down or pilots are captured, it could become a major issue for the government again.
  3. Stand-off strikes – Use of the arms and ammunition at the LOC itself. Will this conclude anything?
  4. Covert Operation – Needs hell lot of patience with a dedicated strategy to enter into human-value Pakistan forum and target the leaders or leads involved with terror organizations.

Difficult situation, but we need to remain strong and united. Us Indians can’t let the fire go away this easily. We can’t let the sacrifice of our soldiers go in vain. We can’t forgive and forget the PULWAMA ATTACK – 2019.

“Our Tricolor doesn’t fly because the wind moves it…. it flies with the last breath of every soldier who died protecting it.”


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  1. Alok kumar says:

    We can’t forget it. We will take the revenge

  2. Alok kumar says:

    This is the last and not least. Our flag always fly high.

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