6 Best Website Builder Tools to Help Build Your Own Sites

In today’s fast-paced ever growing society, almost everyone understands the importance of the website builder tools for growing their business. Nowadays where the world is completely changing its lifestyle from offline to online, from paper advertisements to online ads, all the business owners know that online identity is very much important for business growth.

People are fetching various work-related pieces of information about the products and services over the Internet. And in order to handle the huge audience requirement a website is a must for any business growth. 

Since a website plays an important role in business development, building the website and designing the website plays an important role. For designing a website, one needs to learn various kinds of programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and website coding including the back end. So if this website is made available on the internet easily, will it prove helpful?

The answer is yes, definitely. Business entrepreneurs are too busy to develop high-quality websites for their business. In order to help them to grow their professional online sites, website builder tools prove to be of great help. These tools are useful for the people who lack the knowledge of website designing and intense coding.

Website Builder Tools

The main advantages of using Website Builder tools are:

  • Price

    While building a website, the main cost that user generally incurs is while hiring a website designer as well as a graphic designer. Website Builder tool helps the user to avoid  unnecessary development charges.

  • Programming and Coding

    Web designing is all about programming and coding like learning languages like HTML, CSS etc. But when it comes to using Website Builder tool, people do not have to worry about the any of these stuff as they can get ready-made website templates over the Internet.

  • Graphics

    Web designing and Graphic designing usually go hand in hand. So while building a website people usually tend to hire a graphic designer as well. Website building tool provides with online graphic designing tools as well where you can easily add graphics and images to the website to make it more appealing.

  • Easy to Use

    Just drag and drop the utility that you want to use on your website. Make easy changes on the website without actually changing the code. Upgrade the content and images as and when required.

We have taken the effort to pick the best website builder tools! Let us go through some of the Free Website Building tools that might help us while building one for us.

1. WordPress

The only open-source Website builder tool available in the market is WordPress. And this makes it completely different from the rest of the sites mentioned below. WordPress is the site that is available for the medium to high skill website designers. It is the open source, self-hosted option wherein you are able to completely access the code, making WordPress be one of the most customizable website builder tools on the list.

However, it works in two different versions. The first is the complex version that can be downloaded from the wordpress.org website and you just need to upload it to your own web space and install the software on your PC with the automated online installer. Later on, you can customize the template as per the requirement.

The next version is the hosted version of WordPress that allows you to create your own site on wordpress.com wherein you can create your own site, blog, online stores etc.

Website Builder Tools - WordPress

2. WIX

One of the strongest options for a user to build a website is WIX. Once the user is well aware of what he/she wants for the website or the actual requirement of the website, Wix is the place. It has almost 500 beautiful and completely different templates for building the websites at the beginning stage.

Once you select the template for your website, you need to just drag and drop the required facility or utility that you need for your website. Isn’t that amazing? Who could have ever thought that creating a website could have so much simpler?

Also, they provide you the software online i.e. cloud-based work, so that it can be easily accessible anywhere at any time. Wix gives you a great degree of control over the entire look and presentation of your website along with the placement of the page elements. 

Overall we can conclude that Wix is a fantastic option. Someone looking to jump out of the door with a beautiful design who knows exactly what is the actual and specific requirement of their website.

Visit Wix website to learn more.


3. IM Creator

IM Creator is the website that provides unlimited web hosting and domain related services and is the best option for beginners. It is the website that is quite cost-efficient, professional, and easy to use with great search engine optimization tool. This is surprisingly one of the phenomenal options for the users who want to build interactive websites and establish strong web presence over the internet.

It is extremely easy to create a site from this website for even the least technical user. Just place your cursor and click the utility and there you go with it. IM Creator is recommended for those who are not so particular about the designing part of the website but way too particular for their content.

Visit the IM Creator website.

IM Creator

4. WebsiteBuilder

WebsiteBuilder is quite easy and free website builder site for both professionals as well as amateurs. Create your own website that is desktop friendly as well as mobile-friendly. It contains over 10,000 template combinations, SEO tools, Data analytics tools, social-media advertisements features and many more.

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All you have to do is, just select one suitable template, customize it and then just publish it online which is just one click away. The potentiality of this website is because of the scalable and flexible features it comprises like simple e-commerce solutions, engine optimization tools and CRM improvement features for better website creation and marketing.

Check out the WebsiteBuilder offers here.


5. Weebly

Weebly is quite user-friendly, web-based and drag and drop website builder tool. The main drawback of the WIX builder tool is that the main menu is hidden from the front page whereas in Weebly the menus are easily available on the front page while creating the website.

Not very creative though, Weebly brings in lots of clean and modern templates. It has an exciting library full of features with many intense images. It is compatible on almost every device and is one of the most versatile and flexible tools for the beginners.

Website Builder Tools - Weebly

6. Jimdo

Jimdo is the website which is recommended for the small-scale companies and start-ups or any other growing commercial venture. Such companies usually require powerful and good back-end e-commerce solutions for expanding their base service.

Jimdo has published over 20 million websites till date providing a perfect match of creativity as well as professionalism. It is open source builder software which comes with the cloud-storage facility. Jimdo provides access to the HTML/CSS code of the site and also with unlimited storage, free-backups and bandwidth.

It provides new vibes to the user using this tool because of its free web hosting, domain registration, ad-free framework and great SEO improvement utilities. 

Check out Jimdo here.

Website Builder Tools - Jimdo

We hope the information was helpful to you! Drop down comments with your feedbacks or experiences on any of the above platforms.

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