Effects And Treatments Of High Blood Pressure – 3 Things to Know

High Blood Pressure is an issue which one can face at any age. Earlier, this health problem was seen in people with 40 plus years of age, but that is not the same anymore. Below are the effects of high blood pressure, and how it can be treated!

What Is High Blood Pressure or Hypertension

High blood pressure and hypertension are the same things. High blood pressure is when the blood travels through your body via blood vessels at a higher force and speed. Having high blood pressure is potentially dangerous as it can increase the risk of your blood vessels and arteries bursting from the pressure. If it is left untreated, there may be dangerous complications or even death.

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The thing about high blood pressure is that there are no obvious symptoms. The sufferer just starts experiencing certain complications. Which is why every person should have their blood pressure checked. If the blood pressure is below 120/80, it is completely normal.

The Effects of High Blood Pressure

The damage caused by high blood pressure tends to increase over time if it is left unchecked. Since the pressure of the blood increases, it may start causing tears to the artery walls. The cholestrol from the blood starts attaching itself to the tears. As the cholestrol attaches itself to the tears, the artery walls may become narrower which may not allow enough blood to pass through. Since not enough blood is able to pass and reach the organ it is supposed to, it may result in causing damage to the organ or tissue itself. Even the heart has to work twice as hard. The left ventricle of the heart enlarges which leaves the sufferer at a major risk of a heart attack. Sometimes, the heart may literally skip a beat, or you may experience a sharp pain in the heart. Complete heart failure may also happen when your heart is totally damaged and is unable to work enough.

High blood pressure can also cause aneurysms. An aneurysm is a form of bulge filled with blood. It often isn’t found till it bursts. Aneurysms can be deadly if the bulge forms in one of the major arteries.

Not only that, with decreased blood flow to the brain, the sufferer may start experiencing dementia. They may suffer from short term memory loss and loss of focus as well.


A blood pressure patient is often prescribed diuretic or water pills. These pills help in flushing out excess water and salt through the urine. Flushing out excess water helps reduce the fluids in the body so as to help with blood pressure. Thiazide water pills are usually prescribed to such patients. They not only help in flushing out excess water but also help your blood vessels relax.

High blood pressure patients also need to bring major changes in their lifestyle and diet. Many people who have followed different HCG diet plans have reported a reduction in blood pressure in under a week or 10 days. To lower your blood pressure ,you can follow different HCG diet plans and couple the diet plan with regular exercise and yoga. Make sure to eat foods with less sodium and saturated fats when following different HCG diet plans.

Hope these 2 methods work for you if you are a blood pressure patient. Always be on the lookout for
your blood pressure.

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