3 Best Ways To Reach Udaipur From Delhi

Delhi has been the heart of the nation. People from Delhi love to explore various exciting destinations. Rajasthan enjoys quite a close proximity from Delhi. Rajasthan being the cultural heritage epicenter of India has always attracted tourists from the nations as well as the globe. Udaipur has been always a center of attraction for decades.

Udaipur has been the capital of the former state of Mewar. It has been a beautiful city built between Aravalli mountain ranges. The four lakes of the city further enhance the beauty of the city.

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Lately, Udaipur has gained the title of most preferred wedding destination across India. Wanderers across the nation aspire to visit this city. Udaipur has been connected with the Capital of India by three prominent modes, travelers can choose which is the best-suited way for them to reach their destination.

Let’s explore the journey from Delhi to Udaipur using various modes.

1. By Air

Journey from Delhi to Udaipur via airline will take you approximately 1 hour directly. The closest to city airport is named as Maharana Pratap Airport, this has been placed approximately 20 km from the center of the city. Udaipur has been nicely connected with almost all the major cities of India namely Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur & Kolkata. Most of the popular airlines are operating to connect Udaipur with Delhi. You will find daily flights to take you from Delhi to Udaipur.

A traveler can choose to travel by air and save on the time for the commute. The saved time can be invested in exploring Udaipur & the surrounding destinations. A commuter can make use of the cabs as well as book pre-booked taxis post reaching to the airport. Travel between Airport & City does not involve much hassle.

Many commuters will prefer to use air as a medium for travel, coz it offers comfort, convenience & consumes less energy. In case of the budget is not a constraint traveler should use this medium as Udaipur has definitely a lot to offer for the further journey. Even for the budget travel plans, several cheap flights are available as well as flash discounts keep popping up for benefitting the travelers.

Goair coupons can be your savior for keeping the budget under control as much as possible. Also, tourists who travel with large groups & small kinds will definitely find air travel much more appealing as it makes the journey safe & fast.

2. By Train

Trains have never let-down commuters in India. Trains offer definitely a fast & budget travel to its takers. Around 5 trains regularly run between Delhi & Udaipur for giving the flexibility of travel. These trains cover a distance of around 670 km during this journey. Just like Delhi, Udaipur has good connectivity with other major cities of India.
Other big cities like Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata as well as Kota are well connected with Udaipur via rail.

Such connectivity can help to commuters to further expand their journeys via rail without any hassle. Travelers can make use of the Luxurious Palace on Wheels which has a scheduled stop at Udaipur, which surely will give an experience of a lifetime.

Trains offer a vast number of benefits to its commuters. Here train travel will be of around 14 hours approximately. We have seen several commuters who just adore train journeys. Rail travel is definitely free from most uncertainties like road accidents & other challenges. Travelers can enjoy scenic leisure during travel. Many of us just love to relish on those delicious food items signifying cultural heritage of various places on the way.

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Big families & large groups can book bulk tickets to enjoy the travels as well and not just the destination. Travel time with your family & friends can be really fun if it has been properly planned & preparations are done.

Post reaching to Udaipur you have a liberty to hire a taxi or an auto-rickshaw depending upon your requirement. One can pre-book taxi as well for avoiding any uncertainty for reaching any destination. Mostly fare will be depending upon how many kilometers one wants to travel.

3. By Road

With the improvised condition of roads in the country, travel preference through road has increased recently. Udaipur has been connected via National Highway 8 (NH8). The drive will take approximately 10 to 11 hours which is mostly depending upon the speed preference of the driver.

With the increased community of avid bikers, road travel from Delhi to Udaipur can be a journey of their choice. The journey needs to cover around 700 km of distance. Needless to say that the journey will be one of the memorable ones as it runs from the heart of the nation to the cultural heritage city of India. Riders can definitely stop in between & take a good feel of the local food & culture.

Also, big families & groups can make use of their own vehicles to travel between these cities. If you are avid drivers than may take charge of the steering wheel. However, we suggest taking help of an experienced & professional driver to take it easy & keep the fatigue away for the rest of the journey.

Take a Bus

Another alternative here is to opt for the bus service running between these cities. Udaipur has been connected with several major cities via bus. Here travelers can choose between several state-run transport buses, deluxe buses & air-conditioned coaches. Buses definitely offer convenience & controlled budget for many travelers who can eventually invest those saved bucks for the rest of the expedition.

Travelers have two options to reach to Udaipur, one is via Ajmer & another is via Bhilwara & Chittorgarh. The road via Ajmer is shorter but will be relatively slow as it passes through hilly terrain. The route via Bhilwara will help you bypass major cities hence will help you finish journey faster.

Travel from Delhi to Udaipur will surely offer a whole lot of pleasant memories & moments. For Solo travelers as well this journey can be a fun-filled adventure. We have tried to narrate here various modes which will help you to reach to Udaipur from Delhi. Depending upon your preference, situation, budget & convenience you may choose an appropriate way to travel.

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