4 Ways to Plan A Great Vacation in the Age of COVID

Travelling in the age of COVID is filled with uncertainty. While travel restrictions are lifted in some places, new ones are enacted elsewhere. This impedes the spread of COVID-19, but it also limits the movement of anyone vying for their long-delayed vacation. To adapt, people are opting for safer alternatives that involve the great outdoors. Activities like trekking, camping, surfing, and visiting nature reserves are gaining popularity among locals. Hotel Oceana specials, too, and similar offers grow increasingly attractive because of their exclusivity.

It’s safe to say that vacations won’t revert to how they used to be until a vaccine is available globally. The good news is that, in spite of these, there are ways to plan the getaway you have in mind without risking your health or that of the people around you.

Stick To Reputable Vendors

The travel agency, airline, hotel, and other particulars involved in making your vacation possible need to be chosen with care. Today, you should not only be wary of possible frauds and substandard service. You’ll also want to ensure that everyone, from the travel agent you interact with to the destinations you visit makes safety a high priority.

Now is not the time to scour the web for the lowest possible rates and the cheapest deals, as those may compromise your health. Going for Hotel Oceana specials and other packages by trusted names in hospitality is a surer way to reduce risks while still getting the most out of your vacation.

Value Flexibility

Flexibility is important, especially for international travel. The Travel Mechanic executive vice president Lauren Doyle suggests that the best choice is to plan six to nine months ahead of your desired travel date. You should also go for packages to Book with guarantees and flexible cancellation policies. This is the surest way to get attractive deals without losing your investment.

Having this much time also allows you to secure additional entry permissions your destinations may require. In case your plans change, you can also take advantage of modifying your arrangements stress-free.

Put Away Your Bucket List

The most high-traffic tourist destinations aren’t the best choices while the coronavirus persists. Some people assume that now is the best time to book those trips because a lot of tourists would opt out of it. The downside to this decision is that many of the attractions might suddenly close due to spikes in COVID cases. If you do go for this kind of tour, have a Plan B. This way, you’ll still see new sights and enjoy new experiences even if they’re not the ones you expected.

Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance will help you get your money back in case of COVID-related shutdowns during your vacation. This applies mainly to destinations where tickets are purchased beforehand. You can also opt for Cancel for Any Reason travel insurance, as your insurer will reimburse the money you paid for non-refundable payments. You won’t get the full amount, but the percentage you’ll receive should suffice to minimize the loss.

Plan With Caution

Play it safe when planning your 2021 vacations. While it helps that travel agencies, resorts, and tourist destinations have adapted to the age of COVID, your health and enjoyment still depends on your ability to plan with caution.

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