Hanging Ideas for Wall Tapestries

Much has been written about the types of tapestries. However, the information about how to hang these tapestries is scarce. This has led to people not making the most of tapestries while settling only for the conventional methods.

In this article, we discuss in detail the various methods to help you hang the tapestries that bring out the best in them.

Nail the Tapestry on the Wall

Nailing or using pushpins to hang the tapestry directly on the mall is one of the most common methods. It does not require much time, and also, no additional expenses are incurred. This method also provides flexibility when a person does not want to stretch the tapestry fully and have waves in them.

This method also has its shortcomings. It produces holes in the fabric, which may expand with time. There is a great chance that nails might damage the walls. Once the tapestry has been hung, removing it from that place will result in holes of nails that will not be desirable.

Using Rods and Hooks

Another way to hang tapestries is by using rods and hooks. The rod is placed on the wall, and the tapestry is hung by using hooks. This makes the tapestry moveable. This method is beneficial if one uses tapestry for the hybrid purpose of decoration and as a curtain.

Fine Art America has several tapestries available to be used as curtains. The rod helps if one wants to allow the sunlight to come in from the window. However, continually moving the tapestry might produce a permanent stretch in the tapestry. So only using it to hang and not moving it will be more beneficial.

Wooden Frame

It is also a common way of hanging the tapestry. One can purchase a custom tapestry frame of an appropriate size beautifully crafted or make one at home. It is super easy. Cut slabs of wood according to the dimensions of the tapestry. Stick the slabs on the front and back of the sides of the tapestry, and you are good to go. This will take more time, but once it's made, you can easily place the tapestry wherever you want in the home. 

Mounting on wood background

This method also involves wood. However, it is different from a frame. In this method, a person has to prepare a wood the size of the tapestry. Then the tapestry is stuck to the wood with the help of a nail or a staple. Then hand it on the wall.
This method has several advantages. Using this method will not damage the wall. Additionally, it will allow the person to stretch the tapestry so that creases can be avoided and fully visible.


After reading it, you must have been apprised of the various other ways a tapestry can be hung. You can either use these methods or develop methods of your own that can meet your needs. Choosing the right hanging method will definitely make the tapestry look more beautiful.

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