10 Reasons Why a Girls Life is More Challenging Than a Guy’s

Do you really need to know the reasons why a girls life is more challenging than guys? Having said about this topic, there is a whole lot of stuff that goes into being a girl and guys out there you definitely won’t understand. No offense guys, but you all need to know how it feels when we girls find out men groping our butts, those aching monthly periods, plucking out that body hair from all over and hell lots of problems. There are plenty of things that men usually have an advantage of which girls don’t. Let’s be fair on this note: In spite of living in this 21st century, sexism is still prevailing. Whatever people say or believe there are plenty of things that girls have to go through that guys aren’t even aware of. Guys just one request – Show some extra respect for girls out there.

Here are few things that girls go through right from the down painful to out and out embarrassment. Take a look at the list of 10 reasons why a girls life is more challenging than a guys.

1. It’s all about threading and waxing

Men have no trouble with their hairy hands or legs but definitely, want their girl to be trimmed and tidy. And believe me having Hair in girls is just as natural as they are in guys. Applying those hot wax patches and pulling with ultimate force to remove those hairs might sound insane but do works wonders. By using those cottony threads, twisting and plucking each tiny little hair is another insane task. Take a girl’s body hair and multiply it by five times is that actual amount of hair she has. It’s a fact and u gotta deal with it.

Girls Life - Waxing

2. The quest for perfect nails

Wasn’t it more than enough for girls to maintain their body in check? The answer is No..! The workload doesn’t stop there. The perfectly manicured and pedicured nails are must for girls these days… Though the reason isn’t worth it… but yet the perfect nails are a mandatory thing.

Girls Life - Nails

3. The impeccable photoshopped picture

Women all over the world are so much under the society’s pressure that they find it mandatory to be beautiful, skinny and the perfect role models for people out there for which digital retouching has become a compulsion. And what if they are not fulfilling the criteria? Fat, busty and ugly women are teased in our society. I don’t get it why can’t men just embrace their natural figures, color and features the way God has made them?

Girls Life - Photoshopped Pictures

4. Called names for being assertive

Is it a crime for being assertive? I guess the answer is “For men, being assertive is quite authoritative and expected thing” and why not for women? When a girl tries to be straightforward and speaks her mind out she is being judged by several people around and called by various slangs. Hey people out there, that’s not fair. There is a huge difference between being assertive and being a bitch and guys just don’t get the level of frustration that girls have to go through.

Girls Life - Being called names

5. Those monthly breakdowns

Don’t need to hide it, girls, though it is the last thing that any girl needs when she is on her periods, that literally doesn’t stop the natural rules. The world turns on every damn month and cherry on the top is that it has no fixed time of the month. It just creeps up on at the worst moments possible. Let it be the vacations or that girls night out, night parties or just normal casual working day, periods knock at your doorstep without even asking for the permission and dare you guys to start on those cramps..! The problem doesn’t stop here at all. Realizing that you are out of any feminine hygiene products – the worst situation a girl can go through.

Girls Life - Monthly Breakdowns

6. Giving birth

Giving birth to a new life is the most amazing gift by God. But as said, “Life is not a bed of roses”. So before enjoying the part of being ‘Mother’, one has o bear the 20 hours of labor first. And believe me, guys you don’t wanna know it..!

Girls Life - Giving Birth

7. Stalkers all around

Girls are bold, confident and smart in this 21st century. They are quite broad minded and can deal with their problems all alone. But, Hey Hey Hey… Just a second… It scares the hell out when we find the creepy rapist vans and shadowy figures following us while walking alone. In spite of living in the huge metro cities, things don’t seem to change. Those eve-teasing and catcalls are seriously not appreciated, guys. You have no idea how scary the world is out there for girls.

Girls Life - Stalkers

8. Wage issues

According to the recent survey, it is found that the average salary of girls is way less than that of guys irrespective of being in the same position. Now we burn our asses just as hard as they do and yet being undervalued… STOP THIS GENDER GAP..!

Girls Life - Wage Issues

9. Hormonal changes

Give it a break..! It’s not all about those periods anymore. Yes, It’s true that girls usually jump from one emotion to another and sometimes becomes worst nightmares. So what? It’s our birth right… C’mon. And what’s on the part of guys? That they never show up. Handle the girls with utmost care and they will definitely make your life pretty amazing because it’s a fact…Guys, you are nowhere without girls… So, Deal with it!

Girls Life - Hormonal Changes

10. Dream Killers – Family trouble

I want to become a pilot, wrestler, mountaineer, photographer…. And the answer is “NO..!” Let’s face it… saying that goes these days is “GIRLS ARE NOT LESS THAN BOYS” then why don’t give the same opportunity to girls that are given to guys. Yet for that sake of their families’ girls kill their dream and pursue what their parents want them to do. Guys just try this once and then will talk…

Girls Life - Dream Killers

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So now you already know the reasons why a girls life is much difficult. It’s really difficult to become a girl and live life happily… Hats off to them…! 

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