10 Traits of a Gentleman. Do you have any of these?

Now-a-days, it’s really difficult to find a real gentleman, people might also wonder that do they really exist. Yes, they do exist, but they are a rare species in this fast moving modern world. Men are taught to be strong, tough, dominant, and not whine about issues, but do these qualities make a man, a gentleman? The answer is NO. People want to achieve a lot, in a very short time. They are forgetting their values and they don’t carry the standard anymore in this race to achieve more. A true gentleman always respects his class and lives with dignity, and his ambitions are a part of his lifestyle.

He is loved by all, admired by most, and is respected in every sense. Being a gentleman is a practice in itself. One cannot learn this art in a school, and it cannot be forced upon someone. It is an art that must be mastered by self, and one must be very observant to adapt the simple habits a gentleman follow. As simple as this may seem, it is a mammoth task, to behave in the most decent and smart way, because you need to have a charm around you which distinguish you from the rest. Do you have any of these traits in you? Go on, keep a note of the ones which you do not have and try to perfect yourself.

1.A Gentleman is Confident & Ready to Take Initiative

A gentleman is always confident about himself, and about what he is going to do. He does not like to swing in the region of confusion, instead he plans on taking a decision and moving ahead with it. A wise man has rightly said, “If you take decisions, no matter right or wrong, you will progress in some direction, but if you fail to take a decision, you will stay right where you are!”.
Often, most of us are too scared or shy to take initiatives, no matter what the task is. But this is not the case with a true gentleman. He believes in himself, and does not care about the opinion of others, because he has only his goal in his mind, and nothing else! 


2.He Takes Responsibility for his Decisions and Actions

What do we do when we fail to complete a task?-We often blame some other person or event for the failure. What do we do when one of our decisions gives us drastic result?-We blame someone else for wrong information or we curse our luck! Well, if you have been doing this, then you are not a gentleman (forgive us in case you are a woman! #wink). A true gentleman boldly makes his decision, and he also keeps the courage to accept his fault. They do not shy away and hide in their caves when calamity strikes because of them, but they accept their mistake openly, and are willing to correct whatever has gone wrong.
 Accepts Responsibility

3.He has a Polite Sense of Conversation

Some people are too loud while talking (these kind are mostly boasting or bitching), some people talk in a fake accent, and some people are extra sweet while some are gracious with rude words and phrases! But a true gentleman ‘think before speaking’. They pick their words very carefully, keeping in mind to whom they are talking, and who they are addressing. They are never too harsh, never too sweet, but they leave a nice impression on the listener, and they always sound convincing. (Beware, they can make you fall for them! LOL)
 A Polite Sense of Conversation

4.He Keeps his Word

“Hey, I promise I will finish off the designs tomorrow.”…the next day, you wake up after noon, with a broken promise. Well, nothing new to us, right? We make promises which we cannot keep. It is too difficult for us to stick to our word. A true gentleman knows the value of a promise, and how much it can matter. If they make a promise, they see to it that they are going to fulfill it on time, else they don’t make a false one. It is a quality that they have, and which they also expect from the ones they deal with. Not keeping up with our promises makes people lose faith in us, and then people strike us from their “good books”, which is certainly no one would want, or would you? (You aren’t that evil, right?)
Keeps his Word

5.He Thinks Smartly and do Not Indulge in Useless Quarrels

Do you weigh your decisions in most of the situations? You probably don’t, but if you do then you have this good trait in you. A true gentleman does not makes decisions with a blind-fold on their eyes, instead they think about the outcomes prior to making a decision, and try to take the best one.
They do not waste their precious time in quarreling with other people. If they feel they are right about something, they let the opposition win with words for their sake of happiness. But if they are wrong, then too they do not argue with the one in front, but they make it a point to listen where they are wrong and keep those things in mind, so as not to repeat the same mistakes again.
Think Smart

6.A Gentleman Respects Discipline and Value his Time

To a gentleman, discipline comes by his nature. It is part of him which he carries from within. Gentlemen value discipline the most. You will see them making their own bed, you will find them self dependent, you will find them all arranged and you will see that they follow their own schedules and hardly break their own life rules.
When it comes to time, you better be on score with them, as they hate those people who do not respect time. To them, time is a currency which must always be well spent, and not wasted at all. They do get angry over few things, and being late is one them!

Value Time

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7.He Respect Women and Treat Them With Care

This quality of a gentleman is well known, and has been displayed even in most movies. A gentleman knows how to treat a woman, and what order of respect a woman deserves. They are always soft spoken when it comes to conversing with a woman, and they always follow the saying “Ladies first”.
If you are a lady and you luckily end up with a true gentleman, then leave all your worries, because they will not only love you, but they will give the respect you deserve, and they will never cheat on you, because this is something which is against their values!
Treat Women with Care



8.He is Unbiased and Treat Everyone Equally

Gentlemen never supports favourism, i.e. they are never partial, be it involving their own friends or known people. They believe in right judgement. They also want that under their watch, no one should get what they don’t deserve, and that everyone earns their own share with their hard work. Gentlemen believe that life is a struggle, and one must live it that way, otherwise there will be no joys and no pleasures without hardships!
They do not bias among people, caste, creed or gender. They see equality among all, and want to spread the same among all people.
Treat all Equally

9.He is Courageous and Dares to Speak his Opinion

A true gentleman always speaks for himself. They will not shy away and be forced to keep their mouths shut if something is said or done which is wrong as per their rule book. They are courageous, and dare to speak their opinion boldly in front of anyone. To them, self respect is something too great a thing, which they cannot trample by accepting the wrong!
Even when they put their point forward, they make sure that it hurts nobody’s sentiments, and they are careful with their words. They always try to avoid violence, and try to find the better alternatives to make people hear them out.
Speaks his Opinion
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10.He Dresses in Perfect Ways 

Yes, we could not have missed this most amazing point! Have you seen those men dressed in formal suits? Hot, right? Women love such gentlemen, who dress just right for every occasion. They know their dresses well! Most of them are tailored for them exclusively, as they want their “own perfect size”. Gentlemen are very selective when it comes to match something with something. For instance, what color of trouser would go with what color of shirt! They just cannot accept the wrong combination, and their selection is what makes the stand apart in the crowd.
They are sometimes brand conscious too, so think again if you plan on gifting them some piece of cloth! (Handy tip.)
Dresses for the Occasion
So, these were the most striking traits of a gentleman. We can continue with the list, but then they will not be as essential as these are. Did you count how many of these qualities you have (again, only if you are a guy!). Don’t cheat, and put your scores in the comments below, come on now, don’t be shy!

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