7 Ways on How to Dissolve Gallstones Naturally

Basically your liver produces bile that is used by your small intestine which helps to digest fatty foods and absorb vitamins. The gallbladder stores this bile. There are chances bile can become supersaturated with cholesterol. When this happens, cholesterol gallstones form. Women are more likely to develop gallstones than men because estrogen increases cholesterol levels in bile. Another factor is obesity. Around 20% of gallstones are pigment stones which are made of calcium and bilirubin. This type of gallstone is caused by liver disease or an infection of bile ducts. The best treatment for gallstones is laparoscopic surgery which helps to remove the gallbladder which is the common treatment for gallstones but there are also non surgical options which will help to dissolve gallstones naturally.

Here are some methods to dissolve gallstones naturally:

1. Go for non-surgical treatments

  • Try oral dissolution therapy: The doctor will prescribe a course of ursodiol to dissolve gallstones without any surgery. Ursodiol, in particular, is a popular treatment because it’s one of the safest drugs available.
  • Go for shock wave therapy: This therapy is often used in combination with oral dissolution therapy, although laparoscopic is now so readily available, which means that shock wave therapy is rarely performed today. This therapy, lithotripsy, uses sound waves to break the gallstones into easily dissolvable pieces.

2. Exploring some alternate remedies

  • Go for a gallbladder flush: There is no scientific evidence exists that these remedies are helpful in dissolving gallstones. You might try various options.
  • Fast for 12 hours, then starting at 7 pm, take 4 tablespoons of olive oil which is followed by lemon juice. Repeat this every 15 minutes for a total of 8 treatment cycles.
  • You can also consume only apple and vegetable juice during the day. Then, after some time consume olive oil, followed by lemon juice. Repeat this process after 15 minutes.
  • The next morning, you will pass soft green stool. These are not gallstones.

3. Trying homeopathic remedies

  • These remedies won’t cure gallstones, but under the guidance of an expert this can reduce the symptoms of gallstones. Green tea, turmeric, milk thistle can support liver and gallbladder function. You should consult a medical professional before undergoing an herbal regimen.

4. Preventing gallstones from forming

  • Follow dietary practices which prevent gallstones
  • A number of practices have been linked to lower the severity of gallstones.
    • Eat plenty of fiber
    • Follow a vegetarian diet
    • Consume a minimal quantities of alcohol
    • Eat regularly, which means avoid skipping meals
    • Avoid excessive intake of refined sugars like fructose and sucrose
    • Include caffeine in your diet
    • Consider eating several one-ounce of servings per week of peanuts

5. Take preventive nutritional supplements

  • Nutritional supplements which contains vitamin C, iron, soy lecithin which is useful in preventing gallstones.

6. Maintain a healthy weight

  • Rapid weight loss can increase the risk of formation of gallstones. While obesity is a risk factor for gallbladder disease, you will want to eliminate the risk factor slowly through careful weight loss.

7. Use apple cider vinegar with apple juice

  • Some people believe that apple juice softens gallstones, which allows them to get excreted from the body with ease. One cleanse involving mixing apple cider vinegar into apple juice before drinking it. Although there is little evidence to suggest that apple cider vinegar does have some health benefits.

These are the above methods which helps to dissolve gallstones naturally. If you are not able to dissolve gallstones naturally then you can also opt for surgery. You should consult a laparoscopic specialist.

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