8 Benefits of Lemon That You Must Know

Lemons are one the healthiest fruits on this planet. Yes! That’s true. Considering the fact that it is not as tasty as other fruits. Lemons are highly acidic, bitter and sour but at the same time, it is a natural antioxidant, full of vitamins. Obviously, the benefits of lemon cannot be ignored just because it is not as appealing as other snacks. We ourselves can improve its taste by squeezing it into a glass of water(hot or cold), it depends upon you. But, it is more healthy when taken with hot water. You can add sugar or salt and make a lemon juice. Now, let’s see the health benefits related to it after you start eating lemons. Here is the list.

benefits of lemon

1. Controls blood pressure

We all know how high blood pressure affects our body. It is the main reason behind heart attacks. It is observed that people having at least half a lemon a day and walking for about 7,000 steps daily are having controlled blood pressure levels. Lemons also play important role in controlling the blood sugar level. No-doubt, benefits of lemon are really promising and indeed it is true that a lemon a day could keep the doctor away.

Lemon lowers the blood pressure

2. Burns extra fat

Yes! It is true. If one having lemon daily with hot water early in the morning can burn their extra stomach fats very easily. Lemons are rich in natural antioxidants and their own compounds of polyphenols which have significant health benefits. It does not make you feel hungry too often, hence you eat less and thus you accumulate fewer fats in your body.

lemon burns belly fat

3. You’ll look young

People waste so much money on expensive spa treatments and face creams to look young and fresh. This can be achieved by simply adding lemons into your diet plan. According to the studies, high intake of vitamin C prevents from developing wrinkles and skin dryness and we all know that lemons are rich in vitamin C. 

benefits of lemonCredits –Karolina Miseviciute 

4. Fights cold very quickly

Vitamins C also helps in fighting against cold symptoms. Lemons and oranges are preferred mostly when one catches a cold. It’s is better to have this fruits on a regular basis so that it makes you resistant against cold and strengthen your immune system.

benefits of lemon

5. It will make you drink more water

Drinking plenty of water itself have a lot of health benefits like losing weight, boosting metabolism and etc. After having lemons one might have observed that it asks for more water after some time. Great isn’t it? Both have commendable health benefits.

lemon make you drink more water

6. No need of mouth freshener

Now, this would make you feel like having lemons at the very moment. We all know how bad it is to have bad breath. It spoils our mood, isn’t it? We have mints, gums and mouth fresheners to get rid of bad odor. But if you don’t have all these then go for lemons, the acidic nature of it neutralizes the bad odors.

benefits of lemon

7. Improves cholesterol level

Lemons are also rich in cholesterol-fighting ingredients. It has been proven that vitamin C helps to lower the level of bad cholesterol. 

lemon improves cholesterol level

8. No kidney stones

You might have heard about the immense pain caused due to kidney stones. It’s better to never go through that phase and one can easily prevent kidney stones by having lemons on regular basis. Yes! You do not have to worry if it is a part of your diet plan. It has a high amount of citrate which naturally prevents the formation of kidney stones.

Prevents kidney stones


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