World Environment Day – 7 Things You Can Do to Help Planet Earth

With the world environment day just around the corner, it’s always of utmost importance that we question the significance of this day. It is the United Nation’s primary vehicle for encouraging awareness about our environment worldwide and taking necessary action for protecting it. June 5th is marked as World Environment day in order to celebrate the nature around us and pay honor to Mother Earth. The theme of 2017 for this day is “Connecting People to Nature” around the globe. Canada will be hosting this year’s flagship event after Angola. For the last four decades, World Environment Day has been reconnecting human beings with nature as well as spreading harmony across the world. Contributing to the large scale campaign there are few things to mark this annual celebration and bring in some changes.

World Environment Day

1. Tree Plantation

God has cared for these trees, saved them from droughts, diseases, avalanches, and a thousand tempests; but he cannot save them from fools – John Muir

As this year’s theme exhorts on connecting with nature, trees are of paramount importance. To step out and plant a seedling is a real appreciation to the nature’s beauty. Imploring Earth by planting small trees will both connect as well as protect deforestation that has taken a toll over years. Building a small farm or garden can also contribute in interacting with nature. Growing fruits and vegetables in such gardens can enhance its utility and beauty. For those who have small spaces, start with a sapling or potato in a bag or a tiny sprout garden in your windowsill.

Tree plantation

2. Follow the 3 R’s

Environmental conservation and its sustainable usage is what the 3R’s are about. The concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the magic mantras to keep nature around us both healthy and clean. Reducing the consumption of hazardous materials and harmful chemicals will maintain the hygiene. Reusing the fabric or paper will save trees. Hence recycling them is not the best thing to do. Knowledge about the amount of erosion and degradation happening all over the world will spread awareness among the people. Saving Earth by not harnessing its resources to an extreme level will also help in its sustainability and growth.

3 Rs

3. Travel by Public Transport

Consumption of harmful fuels which are exhausted into the atmosphere is depleting the ozone layer to a great extent. Traveling by trains, buses and other means of public transport will support the environment. Ask your car and bike loving friends to drop out one day on their personal rides and use public transport. Cycling is a healthy exercise which can serve as the mode of transportation for short journeys. Go Green Vehicles or Smart vehicles are nowadays a trend all engineers are working into. E-Bike mode of transport and many others modes are under constant development. The main focus here is how to reduce the dependency on fuels.

Use Public Transport

4. Promoting through Film Festivals

Various clubs and theaters can host films where the environment is drawn to a highlight. Entertaining and engaging a large crowd of an audience to watch an eco-film will spread awareness about the environment and it’s issues on a huge scale. Depicting pictures of erosion, deforestation, global warming and greenhouse effect are some of the main concerns that should be under focus in the film. Hosting a carnival where eco-film and food can be enjoyed is one of the many ideas. It will also be a tool in order to promote the environment and protect nature.


5. Competitions based on World Environment Day

World Environment Day has grown into a global platform. It has a vast public outreach with a participation of over 143 countries annually. Organizing several quizzes, poster making competitions, elocutions, debates, poetry and drawing will keep up the spirit. They can visually depict the significance of this day. Mimics and other forms of drama that are performed in school and colleges also upholds this remarkable day. Exhibitions are also encouraged with the vision of raising awareness among the youth. Topics for essay-writing and drawing competitions can be tailored to match the theme of world environment day.

Painting competition

6. Rallies and March past

Each year, world environment day has a new theme. Major corporations, NGOs, communities, governments, and celebrities worldwide adopt to advocate environmental causes. Rallies and street walks are highly supportive to spread knowledge about the root cause of environment degradation and it’s effects. The rapid growth of industrialization, poor waste management, increasing vehicle density are some of the criteria that are leading to deterioration of environment’s health. March-past in schools can help to promote awareness to curb the pollution that is exponentially increasing and endangering life forms.

Rallies for world environment day

7. Publicize World Environment Day & it’s significance

Join the global album which enhances the nature’s gift. Sharing pictures and videos on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. If you create your own activity, – a picnic, a hike, or a clean up drive then do post selfies of the same. The local events that are happening in the area also explore new dimension of nature. Acquainting oneself with the neighborhood and discovering species will not only strategize connecting nature but also uplift the biodiversity.

Spread Awareness

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