Youtube Premium Free Trial- 5 Reasons to Go For It

Youtube Premium free trial is here, and like all other premium streaming services it is offering a month for free! That is not all, there is much more in the package. Do note that Youtube Premium is not the same as Youtube TV.

If you are confused about why is it a paid service, then you must be thinking :

Only a fool would pay for something that’s free!

Which makes sense. Why would someone pay for Youtube if they can use it for free. Well, for starters, you won’t be seeing any ads.

But hey, I use Adblock plugin on my browser. I anyways don’t see ads.

Oh, then you might need more than just an ad-free experience to try the Youtube Premium free trial! We have consolidated the 5 reasons for which you should give it a try. It’s free anyways so why not just give it a shot.

Youtube Premium Free Trial

1. Watch Ad-Free Videos

Whether you use your PC to stream on YouTube, or your phone/tablet app – ads are everywhere! Yes, you must be thinking “I have Adblock extension on my browser!”. In some cases, and that too to a limited extent, these free adblock extensions can give you relief from ads.

But we all agree that some or the other ad still pops up, or keeps running in one small corner of the screen. And believe us, it is HIGHLY annoying as it bugs the eye.

So if you want to eradicate all sorts of ads from YouTube, you can get it with a monthly subscription fee of $ 11.99 only! These are probably introductory prices, and Students are getting it even for cheaper.

Youtube Premium free

The subscription gives you relief from ads across all platforms – whether it’s you Smart TV, phone or PC, just sign into your account, and WHOOSH – ads gone!

2. Play Videos in Background

If you have an expensive smart phone, the flagship types, then also you might be lacking an amazing feature. And deep down, we all have felt the need of this feature at so many points in our life while switching apps on our phone.

If you still couldn’t guess it, then we are talking about running videos in background while you go through a quick task on another app!. Say, you are watching an amazing video, and suddenly you feel like tweeting or replying to a text. With the normal YouTube app, your video will pause as soon as you switch to another app.

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YouTube Premium keeps your video playing in background, which means you can hear the audio while you are on other app – which is just great! With YouTube Premium free trial, you can go ahead and see how this feature impresses you and then you will know it for yourself.

3. YouTube Originals – Watch Their Upcoming Premium Content

You probably might be unaware, but you don’t always get to watch all the videos posted by some of the best youtubers. Yes, some of the best youtubers have some videos which are only available on the paid tier. And you don’t even know of such videos because you just missed out on them on free YouTube.

Oh, and you can even watch YouTube on Fire TV Stick with all-new Alexa Voice Remote which converts your normal TV into a sort-of smart TV, at a very low cost!

Youtube Premium Free Originals

Well, all these “hidden” premium content is available with YouTube Premium free trial for you to try. It does not limits here, but rumors are that YouTube is gonna revamp it’s original content very soon to compete with the newbies in the streaming industry. However, it will all be available to you if you have the subscription.

4. Download Videos for Offline Viewing

“I can already do that, my YouTube app lets me save videos offline.” – well, brrrrhhh to that.  😆 😆 

Yes, you can download very, very, very few videos with the free YouTube version. But not all of them will be on your super watchlist. YouTube Premium gives you the option to download ALL of the available videos for offline viewing.

You can enjoy these offline videos during periods of low/no connectivity, commute or if you have a slow network and you want to carry your videos, downloaded on your home WiFi! Oh, and these videos will be available on your device for 30 days from the date you save them.

5. Get Google Play Music for Free – No Kidding

It’s like pay for something, and get something extra on top! If you have Google Play Music subscription already, then you get YouTube Premium free with it. But this also goes other way – all YouTube Premium subscribers get free subscription to Google Play Music, nothing extra to be paid.

Google Play Music is one of the best there is in terms of music collection and UI. It is very much comparable to Apple Music, but certainly much light on your wallet. Also, there are tonnes of amazing Podcasts apart from good music.

Youtube Premium Free Trial 2

This is not all. YouTube Music Premium itself carries the same content, with even more intuitive UI which is included in your premium subscription!

6. Help Alphabet Increase their Revenue

Caught you, with our little pun. If you see the article headline – yeah go and read it – we only talk about 5 reasons to try the YouTube Premium free trial. This here, is a 6th! Obviously YouTube is now under Google, which is under Alphabet Inc., so all the subscription payments goes to them.

We are also trying the Youtube Premium free trial, and we don’t dislike it, neither do we like it too much. But one can casually subscribe to it if they are having cash overflow! Kidding – just go and try the free trial and know for yourself if it falls in your must-have list.

If you have given it a try, and have your feedback, do let us know in the comments below, and drop down your URL if you have a site or a blog- you get a free backlink that way. If you think that Youtube Premium doesn’t makes sense, go ahead and tell us your point of view.

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