MilesWeb Review – 6 Reasons to Enroll for it’s Affiliate Program

MilesWeb is a big name among bloggers and companies that drive business through websites. It is a website hosting company that provides more than just your basic set of features at minimum rates, and some of those are included in pre-defined annual packs which are literally value for money. You can check out the range of packs on the MilesWeb site.

What is MilesWeb Affiliate Program?

It’s similar to any other affiliate program, such as the Amazon affiliate program, where you get a small commission on every sale you bring to Amazon via your website or blog. But MilesWeb Affiliate program is more streamlined towards a specific set of buyers or users. 

All you need to do is promote advertisement banners on your blog/site provided by MilesWeb, and each time a user visits MilesWeb site and makes a purchase, you get a commission and the rates are pretty good, that is the reason we recommend MilesWeb Affiliate program! It is easy money coming your way, without putting in much effort.

MilesWeb Hosting

Let’s take a look as to why people would be inclined towards hosting their websites with MilesWeb and joining their affiliate program.

1. Signing Up is Hassle Free and you don’t need to pay for it

Step 1 : Sign up for the affiliate program by filling simple details.
Step 2 : Login to your affiliate account.
Step 3 : Place the Banners or Text links on your website and you are set!

2. Sign Up Bonus

Get a sign up bonus worth $15. That might sound unrealistic, but it’s the best perk! Complete your affiliate program registration and get your bonus.

3. Best Commission

You get the commission of the total purchase value. No hidden costs and no additional cuts, you get paid fairly for what you help them sell. As we stated earlier, the commission rates are great, they are as follows –

30% – if you get 1 to 3 sales in a month
40% – if you get 4 to 6 sales in a month
50% – if you get 7+ sales in a month

30% is itself too much, but you might get more lucky and even reach a commission of 50%!

4. Payouts at low accumulated values

Unlike some affiliate programs, which pay you your earned commission only after you reach a value of $100. That can be really difficult at times, and you might give up well before reaching that value. Well, thankfully MilesWeb understands this and keeps you ebulliently attached to their affiliate program. Once your balance reaches $30, you will get paid. Simple as that.

5. No minimum threshold for monthly sales

Have you heard about affiliate programs that terminate your registration when you fail to generate sales for a particular duration? If not, then know this – such affiliate programs exist. But again, you won’t be facing anything like that with MilesWeb. They keep you in the program and pay you even if you get very few sales for any duration of time, and don’t kick you out!

6. Banners in various sizes

You will find a great set of banners to display on your blog or website. You can choose from a wide variety. Horizontal and vertical banners in different sizes are available to match the area you have dedicated on your site for advertisement. If you don’t find what you need, you can even ask them for customized banners – now that is more than you could expect!

MilesWeb Affiliate Benefits

Why would someone select MilesWeb hosting services?

This question might have struck your mind at least once while you were making up plans for signing up for the affiliate program. It is a question worth answering. Below are some of the striking services offered by MilesWeb, most of which are included in the cheapest hosting package and others being very lucrative to miss out on!

24/7 Support, 365 Days – Call them, go on a live chat through their website or drop an email.

30 Day Refund policy – You can use their services for a period of 30 days and get your money paid in full if you are not completely satisfied.

99.95% Uptime – With Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers, MilesWeb provides the best uptime.

Free Domain name – Not only for the first year, but for lifetime. Only condition is, your hosting pack should be renewed on time and you won’t have to pay anything for renewing the domain.

Free SSL Certificate – Yes, you read that right. You get a free SSL certificate to safeguard your website and purchases made on it, that too for free.

Free Migration – If someone is unhappy with their current hosting company, they can easily migrate their hosting to MilesWeb at no extra cost!

SSD Drives for storage – One will get faster page loads with all the data being hosted on SSD drives. After, page load speeds can make a huge difference!

With such a large array of features at comparatively lower package rates, MilesWeb is bound to attract people and it is enough to get your sales going up! Also, as subscribing to the affiliate program is completely free, it won’t harm you as a blogger or website owner to try it out or a certain period of time. Who knows, you might end up driving a lot of sales for MilesWeb, and get your earned value!

A word of advice on the ending note – do not try to click on your own ad and try to get commission on your own hosting account sign up. This is strictly against their policies and a violation can mean termination of your affiliate account.

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  1. Matina Desouza says:

    MilesWeb affiliate program is very easy to join and it is worth in terms of output because users are using their service and recommending to others too. I will strongly recommend their service to all!!

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