5 Strength Training Excuse Busters

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If you want to do something, you will most likely find a way to do it, but if you do not want to do it, then you will have tons of excuses. When it comes to strength training as well as other forms of training, people have come up with all sorts of excuses to avoid doing them. Here are some excuses that people use to avoid doing strength training despite its numerous benefits, and we have gone ahead to demystify them.

1. Strength training is dull or boring

Do you like exciting activities, but strength training is not one of them? Well, you could not be farther from the truth. If you like fast-paced and engaging activities, then strength training is your thing. There are lots of exciting and engaging things about strength training including group activities that involve lifting weights in pairs, exciting music, workout videos, and suspension training with TRX. You can also use your body for weight training as you watch your favorite TV program or series and so on.

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2. I am short on time for strength and cardio

If you feel that you have no time for strength training and cardio, do not worry since strength training can also double as cardio if you employ some tactics. There are three ways to do it. First, you can include some cardio workouts like jumping jacks or mountain climbers between strength exercises to raise your heart rate and keep it high throughout. Second, you can perform strength workouts that work both the lower and upper body, for example lunges accompanied by bicep curls, to make your heart pump harder. Third, you can perform a circuit training format of workout, which involves having no rest between exercises and doing workouts that engage the major muscle groups such as lunges, push-ups, or squats since they work multiple muscle groups. These workouts keep your heart rate elevated, hence torching more calories and getting your cardiovascular system working.

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3. I find the gym intimidating

The gym can be intimidating on the first days, but that does not have to be the case for you. While you may be overwhelmed by the thought of finding your way around the fitness center and how to use the various strength training equipment, you will soon be over the issues since the staff and your trainer will be more than ready to help you. You can also do your strength training at home without needing any special gear to have a good workout from home.

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4. I do not want to bulk up

It is not possible for men or women lifting weights for about 30 minutes a few times a week to bulk up. To bulk up, one has to lift heavy weights a good number of times per week, like with bodybuilders who spend long hours in the gym. Furthermore, women lack the testosterone to get bulky except when using a controlled diet and with lots of weight lifting. You do not have to forego the many benefits of strength training due to fear of bulking up.

5. I fear getting hurt

While it is true that doing new body movements and lifting weight can expose you to injuries, if you do proper warm-ups and use the proper form while lifting, you can minimize injuries. You also need to differentiate soreness and pain as well as learn to listen to your body to avoid pushing it too hard in the initial stages. The benefits of strength training exceed the risks by far, so you need to see how to do it safely.

Bottom line

It is the high time that those using excuses to avoid strength training get down to doing it as we have elaborated on each of them. Strength training is vital for the overall health of your body including helping in managing weight, so it should not be ignored.

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