5 Tips to Keep in Mind to Avoid Getting Injured in Gym Frequently

If you are living an active lifestyle, hitting the gym regularly, doing some other physical fitness training or very regularly getting indulged in sports activities then no-doubt you are bound to get injured very often. You certainly cannot predict the injuries, it may happen anywhere, whether you are playing, training, or hitting the gym, you are always vulnerable. But even if you cannot be certain about the injuries that when it can occur, you can always be cautious or prepared from your side. As injuries are so common among us, you might also know some of the reasons of why it is happening, although there are multiple reasons behind it, but still there is something you are missing out and very frequently getting injured in gym or while training. It is very depressing to get injured all the time even though you think you were doing correctly and you don’t understand what went wrong. Injuries not only damages you physically but might also spoil your daily planed schedule during the training period as you might need to take rest for some days to recover from your injuries. Sometimes the physical injuries can be very serious and can affect you for long period of time. So, to avoid such things happening to you, you need to focus on basic things and follow it regularly. Here is the list of 5 basic factors that you need to keep in mind while training in gym.
Usually, everybody go for workout very early in the morning. That means your body parts are not at all prepared for agile movements as it was at complete rest while you’re sleeping. But flexible movements are needed during workout or sports. So, instead of directly pushing yourself to the main workout session in gym, what you need to perform is mobility drills to make sure that blood flow increases and circulates towards the working muscles. It does not mean that people going for workout early in the morning are the only one who needs to do mobility drills, everybody should include this in their routine irrespective of their timings. Mobility drills also helps to enhance the joint mobility and leads to smooth and better joint movements. In addition to this, it also helps your body to prepare for an intense workout by raising your body temperature. If you treat mobility drills seriously, you’ll figure out improvements in your body movements.

Mobility Drills before starting workout in Gym

2. Warm Up Sets

Warm up sets are unlike mobility drills which helps to warm up for the specific exercises or muscle groups. It helps your central nervous system to prepare the targeted muscles for the physical stress in the form of exercise.  The poundage of warm up sets should be at-least 20% of your main working session. Always try to do two or three warm up exercises each of two to three set. And each set should be of 10-15 reps. Push ups for upper body and squats for lower body are one of the best warm-up exercises.
Push Ups before main workout session in gym

3. Correct Form and Technique Check

This is one the most important and basic factors to keep in mind. Most of the guys see some videos or read something on internet and perform the exercise without taking advice from some certified trainer and at the end they land up doing some wrong stuffs and ultimately hurting themselves. It is very necessary to perform some complex exercises in correct form under the supervision of some certified trainer. If you are beginner then they will assist you and make sure that you perform the exercises technically correct
Correct Technique

4. Breathing Pattern

Breathing is an integral part of the workout. Proper breathing pattern helps to prevent injuries especially around spinal cord by increasing the intra-abdominal pressure. Always remember, when you are lifting a weight or applying the power, you must exhale and during releasing the power, you must inhale. This is the basic breathing pattern one should always keep in mind and practice it regularly till your brain and body parts gets accustom and habitual with it.
 breathing pattern during complex exercises
Source: Men’s Fitness

5. Post-Workout Stretches

Post-workout stretches are really very powerful and effective. But hardly any one feels the importance of doing it. After the gym everybody is so tired that they just skip this part and go for complete rest. But this is where most of the people go wrong and invite injuries like back-ache, strain in various muscles and etc.  According to the studies, a regular 10-15 second post-workout stretch would help to relax the muscles and enhance its elasticity. Stretching, temporarily reduces the contractile ability of the muscles. Just after your workout session, your muscles are warm and stretching is always better, effective and safer during this time and one should never do it when the muscles are cold as it may cause muscle tear.
 post workout stretches
Source: Kaylaitsines

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So, always remember the above mentioned training principles. Prepare yourself and be cautious enough to not commit any mistakes during workout. Make sure that you train safe. One should never forget precaution is better than cure.

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    And head, as well as your back, is likely if you recently slipped, fell or received a blow. You can avoid getting injured at the gym by following gym best

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