10 Tips On How To Make Your Valentines Day More Romantic

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many of you might be looking for some interesting, fun and romantic ideas to make your valentine’s day super romantic and memorable. A candle light dinner, movie and a bunch of roses are still some of the trending things that you can do but there are many fun activities which you can do to make your day special. We all have a pressure to do something interesting for your better half, go to a new restaurant or eat at home, there are so many choices to make. To help you out on how to make your valentine’s day more romantic and fun we have come up with some amazing ideas for you. Take a look at 10 tips on how to make your Valentine’s Day more romantic.

1. Make a Romantic Cozy Indoor Tent

This valentine’s day if you plan not to go out and spend the entire day at home or if you do not have enough time in your hands after coming back home from work then this idea is perfect for you. Making an indoor tent is a very simple thing and it will take up less time to do. All you need to do is to pull out some soft beddings and pillows and line them up against the wall. You can even use your bed and in that case, all you will need is some bed sheets to make your canopies. You can even use a sheer fabric so that you can use some lights to decorate it. Use your fabric and hang it on top of your bed and then decorate it with rice bulbs of your choice. You can even decorate it with rose petals to make it more romantic. So once you are done all you need to do is get in your lovely tent with some food, movies or books and enjoy the lovely night close to your spouse in a cozy indoor tent.

Cozy Indoor tent

2. Bake Something Together

Well, you don’t exactly have to just bake something you can even cook dinner together and have lots of fun doing that. Enjoy your cooking and the time you spend together in the kitchen making something delicious. You can bake some cupcakes and fill in some surprise fillings in them such as jam or chocolate in the center. That way when you eat you will get a lovely twist of taste. You can even make your own valentine day menu for the entire day and cook any ordinary dish with a little romantic twist to it. Decorate it and then eat it together. If you are not a fan of cooking then you can help out your spouse with what they are doing. This way you will spend some amazing time together and enjoy some good food.

Bake something together

3. Organize a Fun Treasure Hunt

You are bound to give a gift to your valentine so why not make it a treasure hunt? Hide your gift in a safe place the night before and then start leaving clues for them. Start with a first clue which you give it to them or keep it near their pillow in the morning before they are awake. Write some amazing cue cards which are personal and romantic at the same time. It will be fun watching your valentine run from one clue to another and then when at last they will discover the treasure they will be really happy and excited to open it. You can even go one step ahead and lead them off their track in a fun way to create some more excitement. Try it out this Valentine’s Day and have fun searching for your treasure.

Fun Treasure Hunt

4. Have a Night Picnic

Stargazing has been termed as one of the most romantic things to do. To step up this simple activity you can do some additional things apart from lying down on a blanket close to your love and gaze at the stars. You can have a night picnic where you can take your snacks or your dinner packed in a picnic basket and head out to your lawn or any cozy hill to where you can gaze at the stars. Once there you can set up a small picnic blanket and some candles. You can even take some cozy bed sheets if you plan to sleep outside looking at the stars. If you are lucky enough to have an open terrace then you don’t need to go anywhere. Just head out to your terrace with some cozy blankets and food and eat and make merry. Sleep under the stars in your lover’s arm. Oh, it sounds terribly romantic. You have to try it out.

Night Picnic


5. Play Some Fun Water Games

Nerf guns are every bodies favorite when it comes to water games so why not play some fun water games with your valentine to make it memorable. You can even play with water balloons or take a romantic swim in your pool. To make it more romantic you can, later on, have a warm water bath in the tub along with some wine and candles and just soak in and relax. You can even decide who would do the dishes or do dinner based on the result of your game. Just keep calm and remember that if you lose you might be doing dishes tonight so be ready for that. So this valentine forget all your fears and pick up a Nerf gun because you have a romantic mission to accomplish.

Water Games

6. Go for a Couple Spa

Many spa centers have amazing offers on Valentine’s Day. Some of them offer reduced payment for a couple spa so why not try it out. You will have the most relaxing experience and a romantic date with your love. Do not limit yourself to a spa you can do many such activities which are great for a couple. You can go hiking together, or go golfing. Plan a trek to any nearby mountain and go trekking together and later on, you can have lunch together when you reach the summit. Many sports clubs also give amazing offers to couples so you can try badminton and tennis or squash. Just running together can also count as romantic since you will spend some great time together with your valentine.
Couple Spa

7. Make DIY Projects Together

DIY is the next wow thing that many people have adopted and there are some amazing DIY projects that you can along with your partner. You can decorate some china together or just paint your fence or your wall. Take up small projects such as you can make Mason jar night lamps or make a scrapbook of your pictures. You can even make your own travel book and decide on places to visit. Click your pictures or make videos of your partner making something for you. If it is your first valentine together then you can even make a small poster with your pictures on it under the heading “Our First Valentine’s Day”. It is upto your imagination what you can do. If you can’t really do any of this then one more thing you can ty out and that is doing a funny makeup on each other’s faces and clicking pictures. Try it out, it is fun to do such activities together.

A fun DIY project

8. Break out a Fondue Pot

Everything tastes better with chocolate. All you need for this is a chocolate Fondue Pot where you can melt your chocolate and some fruits and berries and you are ready to go. Dip those fruits in the yummy chocolate and eat. Try out the berries as well, they are delicious with chocolate. There are so many things that you can try with chocolate apart from fondue pots. You can make chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Hot chocolate is an anytime favorite dish to make. With chocolate the possibilities are endless so this Valentine’s Day just try them all. Go gala over chocolates and try as many chocolate dishes as you wish and of course your valentine will most certainly be your partner in crime.

Go gala over Fondue pot


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9. Write Love Letters

Writing letter might be a thing of past but trust me when I say this that writing love letters is still romantic. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get to read some amazing things about yourself when you wake up? Well, who doesn’t? So why not write one for your partner so that when they wake up their day starts on a lovely note. You can also write cute and romantic cue cards and notes and leave them around your apartment. When your partner will read it they are bound to smile with joy and love you even deeply. You can even drop in some cheesy text messages for your partner when they are at work. That way you will keep things interesting and romantic.

Romantic Love letters

10. Take a road trip

Road Trips are the most amazing things that you got to try once in your life. Plan a road trip together with your partner for a valentine get away. You can start early in the morning and travel through the cool of the mornings while looking around and stay in shade during the afternoon heat. You can make your own roadmap and pit stops until you reach your destination. It is fun to visit the far away locations via road. You can stop at any time, see a beautiful garden then stop by and click some pictures or spend some time there. Road trips are super romantic and a must do.

A road trip
Well, that is all for this list but we have more lists coming up for you so stay tuned, also let us know if you liked our list in the comment section below.

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