5 Reasons Why Men Find it Difficult to Trust Women These Days

Yes, you can probably relate to it if you are a man, that why is it difficult to trust women these days. Everybody is trying to make this world a better place to live. Most nations are constantly trying to control the growing odds which are averse to women, i.e. is fighting against all the issues that are related to women. Always trying to cut out the bitterness that has been developed between men and women relationships, especially trust issues. But it seems we are landing no-where despite the constant efforts of the government. When things go wrong around us, we either try to solve the issue or play the blame game. But, playing game has never done anything good to anybody. So, its vital for everybody to understand and go to the entrails of the issues building between men and women. Yes! There is a conflict going on between the opposite genders and that is what making every effort worthless. No doubt everybody has always tried to make every man understand the plight of women in this world, whether it be a city or rural area, especially in rural areas many campaigns are carried out to make everyone understand about giving equal rights and opportunities to women, being equally supportive of women’s right. But to be fair, the time has come to look on the other side of the story. We need to consider what men are going through and what they think. They have their reasons for not being able to build that trust for women these days, which they were able to some years ago. Obviously, this does not goes same for all the women in the world, we are definitely not trying to stereotype every women. So, with all due respect, it is an attempt of putting men’s honest point of view for  women out there. Here are some reasons why men find it very difficult to trust women in this modern era.
The whole idea of feminist movement has been contorted and impersonated differently by the women in the society. We are totally in support of women having equal freedom, equal rights, equal pay at work, equal opportunities. But it seems the whole concept has been misled. They also want reserved seats in public transports and many reserved facilities and easy escape just because they are female. Now, suppose a man, who has worked whole day, might have had to stand all day during his work. He comes and finds a vacant seat on women’s side and finally sits on it. Now, if at next stop a woman gets on the bus, she will find this man sitting on ladies’s side. Rest you know what will happen. She will come and either politely ask him to get up, or start giving him lectures regarding the rules for not sitting on ladies seat and what not she will say till he gets up. This is just one example, there are many. Let’s see some other scenarios also. Now-a-days, generally women want their partners to have cooking skills, they get easily impressed by the men who can manage kitchen and other household chores, but suppose to the same woman, if a man says I want my partner who can manage household chores very well then that woman tend to revert back promptly saying “just because we are female you want us to handle the household chores, we are also independent, why would we do cooking and all other chores?”. It is very evident to the men that women just want to lead a comfortable and easy life at the cost of them. It’s definitely not the equality that everyone wants. Despite fighting for the equal rights in the society, it seems they are fighting against men.

women seeking superiority in the name of feminism

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2. All the sympathy in the world belongs to women

Have you ever seen people talking about crime happening against men? Try to think about this. There is no denying to the fact that we need to make this world a better place for women, but at same time this should not happen at the cost of men’s respect in the society. It is certainly not necessary that every women deserves sympathy for everything, even they can be the culprit in some cases. But they are eventually never seen as guilty just because they are women. It is very sad to see the world biasing towards women while men’s problem are not even considered to be genuine.


Suppose there is couple who usually end up fighting with each other every day, after a certain point neighbours would come to know about their fights. Eventually, people will start judging and it would take no time for people to make a statement that the man must be mistreating his lady, he might be a drunkard and what not. Without even knowing the actual scenario, people spontaneously sympathize with the lady. What if the woman is wrong and she is utilizing this “female sympathy” and impersonating as the innocent one in the society and torturing her husband. Who is responsible for the man’s suffering? Obviously the woman is the first one but next are those people and their mindset of woman never going wrong and thanks to our law system for contributing in this scenario. Let’s talk about this in detail in the next point.

 All the sympathy in the world belongs to women

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3. Biasing of laws towards women

Yes! The law no-doubt horribly biases towards women. A man is instantly considered to be guilty if a woman files a molestation case against him. In India, according to a survey done in recent times, most of the dowry cases filed by women are false. There might be some genuine cases also which should not be ignored. The main point is if demanding dowry by man is crime, then what about the alimony demanded by the woman after divorce? If today’s women are equally independent and competing with men neck to neck then after a divorce, why do they demand alimony? And this misuse of most of the women against men are creating a gap in their relationship. Hence, men find it difficult to trust women as they are afraid of falling prey to such women.


Biasing of laws towards women

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4. Most men are Potential Rapists for women

The attitude of women towards men has become malicious in recent times. Whereas men in the mean while are trying to support and make women feel safe around the world. But, they are made to feel like they are the main problem and root cause of everything that is happening to women. Most of the men are labeled as “Potential Rapists” even if they fully support the protests against crimes happening with women. The nicest of men are constantly judged and stereotyped at every point.

A man cannot crack joke on women publicly or say something about her. If he does then a cloud of judgments will burst on him. Women can openly say they like tall, dark and handsome guys. But, if a guy says that he likes fair or skinny or a tall girl then instantly he is judged that he is objectifying a girl and considering her only as a sex object. All these things make it difficult for men to trust women.

Most of the men are Potential Rapists for women

5. Women being too practical

According to many studies and articles, the ratio of women cheating her partner has increased a lot. There is a rise in the cases where women have illicit affairs and then leave their partners. Even if not cheating then presenting another reason and ditching them is very often now-a-days. This is one side of women getting less emotional and more practical. There is another side as well. Consider a married couple who happen to live in a joint family. Then in such situation it is very common to see the wife demanding her husband to leave his family and live alone some where else. They put a strong logic in support of this. They argue that we left our parents to live with you after marriage then why can’t you leave your family for us. This can be a right point if a couple can afford such a thing. But if one cannot simply afford having a separate home altogether, along with managing all the other expenses, then is it viable? Certainly the answer is no, but some women are blind to understand the difference between their wants and their needs. Now after marriage what will the man do if he encounters this situation? So, even after marriage what next a woman can do is really unpredictable for them. This causes their trust level to decrease.

Women being too practical

Our main goal is to reduce the gap that has built between the opposite genders. Some women might really understand why men are not able trust women anymore after finding out the reasons mentioned above. And if it would help them bridge that gap then it would serve our purpose. It is very certain that women reading this article would have something to say on this. If your point can help us to understand this issue from a different perspective then convey your views in the comment section below.

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