7 Hollywood Celebrities and Their Hindu Spiritual Connection

Religion has always been a sensitive topic and anybody practicing a certain religion of their own choice is a private matter and no-one can offend it. The freedom of liking and following any religion is the best part of the story. And from time to time we have been witnessing many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities publicly embracing another religion of their choice and also practicing it publicly. Let’s look at 7 famous Hollywood Celebrities who believe in Hindu Religion and openly practice it either for getting spiritual connection or simply because of their love towards the respective tradition and culture. 

1. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus recently did Laxmi Puja at her Malibu home according to complete Hindu tradition which included the goddess’s photo, shankh, prasad, incense sticks and a priest chanting the Puja mantras. She posted two photos of the Puja which were followed by thousands of congratulations from fans. There are many rumors in Hollywood about Miley Cyrus following Hindu spiritual gurus. This is not the first time when Miley Cyrus has publicly practiced Hindu Religion. In 2011, she inked Om on her right wrist, which is a Hindu religious symbol. In addition to this, she also tattooed “karma” on her right index finger.

Miley Cyrus following hindu tradition

2. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts showed her interest towards Hindu Religion openly when she visited India in 2010 for shooting a movie called ” Eat, Pray, Love”. She always practice yoga and due to this she was always interested in Hinduism. During the shooting she got to know more about Indian traditions and cultures. In an interview, she accepted the fact of her going to a temple regularly with her family.

Julia Roberts following hindu tradition

source: AwakeningTimes

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3. Adam Levine

The lead singer of Maroon 5, has number of tattoos on his body and one of the tattoo is a word “Tapas” inked on his right chest. It a Sanskrit word which significantly means meditation. According to Hindu Religion the word means attaining spiritual connection by chanting God’s name in deep meditation.

Adam Levine following hindu tradition

               Source: Catie L’Heureux/nymag

4. Russell Brand

Russell Brand is a British actor comedian who openly practices Hinduism. Brand mainly got famous for adopting Hindu Religion when in 2010, he married Katy Perry according to Hindu tradition. He also showed his deep love towards Hinduism when he would ends his performance with a “Hare Krishna”. He tattooed a Sanskrit word “Anugachhatu Pravah” on his right arm which means “Go with the flow”.

 Russell Brand following hindu tradition

source: Donna McConnel/dailymail

5. George Harrison

George Harrison was an English guitarist, singer, song-writer and film producer. He openly embraced Hindu mythology and incorporated Indian musical instruments like sitar in his music and then went from Christianity to Hinduism in the mid of 1960s. George became a strong believer in Krishna and turned into vegetarian. He died in 2001 and his ashes were immersed in Ganges and Yamuna. 

 Russell Brand following hindu tradition

source: Dhananjaya Das. Photo © STR

6. Madonna

Madonna is a brilliant pop melodist, lyricist and is also regarded as Pop Queen. As you can see in the picture, she has used shringar, bindi, mehndi many times during her performances. She has also repeatedly incorporated Hindu Prayers and explored Shanti/ Ashtangi chant in her songs.

Madonna following hindu tradition


7. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman, one of the Legendary actor of Hollywood has always shown his love towards India and Hindu culture openly. He is a big fan of Bollywood Superstar “Shahrukh Khan” and cricketing Lengend “Sachin Tendulkar”. His love for Hindu tradition was evident when in an interview he said, “I naturally sort of end up flowing towards that Vedic sort of tradition. I find it fits with me and my sensibilities. I used to question so much when I was growing up in a church. Fired my brains questioning, it felt quite limited- and as soon as I discovered more about Vedic ideas, philosophies and concepts, it felt right to me, it just felt natural”. 

Hugh Jackman following hindu tradition

source: currentriggers


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