Find Replacement for iMovie to Use on Your Windows Devices

Video editing is a widely accepted profession today. Thousands of people enroll in diploma or degree courses to learn video editing and make a career in the field. Almost in every field today, there is a need for video editors to create advertisements, digital promotion videos, YouTube films, and many other types of creative content that can attract the audience across all digital platforms.

iMovie is a prominent application that comes pre-installed on all Apple Inc. devices. It works on both iOS and macOS devices, meaning, anyone using an Apple device has access to the software.

But you don’t get iMovie for Windows, and therefore, you have to look for video editing applications that are compatible with your device. You can be a pro editor, but if you don’t have the required resources, you will not be able to work to your potential.

Video editing is a career option, but more than anything, it is a skill that requires you to use your creativity to generate content that has the potential to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

The video editing application you commonly use on your mobile phone is way different from the video editing software used by professional video editors. It is a more in-depth process where the editors have to use advanced editing tools and features to give basic videos and images a fun, realistic, and magical twist.

What are the steps involved in editing videos?

The basic steps involved in video editing include:

● Adding multiple clips to the editor
● Trimming individual clips
● Adding, fading, and trimming audio
● Adjusting angles, colors, brightness, frames, and backgrounds
● Adding special effects, transitions, themes, etc.

There are more advanced features that a video editor can utilize to make their video more crisp and exciting. But for that, it is more important to find a good video editing application.

There are lots of video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, Movavi, Filmora, and plenty others, so it can be pretty overwhelming for an editor to choose software that best suits their needs. They would want to try different software and then come to a conclusion.

Most software provides a seven-day free trial to allow users to get a look and feel of the app and see what features and effects it offers before they make their decision. If you’re satisfied with the application during the trial period, you can consider purchasing it.

Some software have a one-time purchase fee that lets users use them for as long as they want once purchased, while others have monthly or yearly subscription fees, where users will have to pay to keep using the software.

There are several blogs online that give you detailed reviews about different software. You can read such blogs to enlighten yourself about them before you make your choice. You can also read customer reviews online to see how other users feel about the video editing software.

Ideally, most people would prefer to use iMovie, but since it is not possible to download iMovie for Windows, there are only two options available: buy an Apple device to use iMovie on, or, pick an iMovie alternative such as Movavi. Needless to say, the former is considerably more expensive than the latter, so keep your budget in mind when making your decision.

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