7 Things That Your Break up Taught You

Break up is great! Yes, I am not kidding at all, sometimes it is very necessary for the realization of many things that are related to your life, especially “Love”. For the sake of love, people cross boundaries, they go north to south, they conquer all things possible to get that love. But, one who is meant to stay – STAYS and one who wants to leave – LEAVES. The one who leaves, leaves behind the feeling of emptiness and relinquishment for the other person. But, it’s not the end of life, they gave you a reason for discovering love, emotions and eternity in a different way altogether. You should be willing to look at it from a positive aspect and if you do so, you would realize that breakups are really great! So, let’s see some of it’s vital aspects.

1. You love yourself too!

Love begins thy self! The first lesson you learn post break up is loving yourself is also equally important. Love yourself first and some one else later, prioritize ourselves first and the world later. In addition to this, you no more miss yourself. You have ample time to know more about yourself, to explore things, discover the new you, indulge in things you like. All the time that was occupied is now freed, so don’t just sit like morose after your breakup, go find yourself.

After break up you realize you love yourself too

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2. Nothing more to sacrifice

You made great sacrifice, compromise and adjustment just for that person. Cried yourself to make them happy, but now you no more burn yourself to light up someone else’s life.

no more to sacrifice for other person

3. You now understand that anything in excess is injurious

Be it on emotional or mental or any other upfront, you realize that “extra” is not always great. Because in the process of giving that extra you forget your own worth.

anything in excess is injurious to health

4. You discover the mature side of yourself after a break up

You now realize that where you made some foolish decisions, where you were kiddish and where you were incapable. This is the time when you can work on these areas and be more clearer about your own choices, your own decisions. You can now make those decisions more wisely. You now understand various aspects of love and your expectations with respect to your partner.

you discover the mature side of yourself after your break up

5. You learn to let go

You learn to let go of things, people, emotions and memories and you learn to move forward in life for better you altogether. It can’t be denied that the most difficult thing to do is to let go of your emotions. Congratulate yourself for this feat. Well done! You have learnt the important value – “Live and let live“. 

Break up teaches you to let go

6. You learn from your mistakes

Your breakup taught you the biggest and the most important lesson of your life. You now know where you were wrong and what made things happen not according to your expectation. In short, break up helped you to be more prepared for the next one, so rejoice!

you learn from your mistakes

7. You know how to pick yourself from the downtime

No one can harm you anymore, because after a dark time you have emerged victorious. You are now the one who carries self confidence, the one who is ready to embrace life as it is, the one who is thy own strength which no one can break or weaken anymore. You are the captain of your ship. Understand one thing, your happiness is more important to you after all.

pick yourself from your downtime

You learnt from your past, the good, the bad, the happy and the sad! So dear, go and embrace love in a more better way, better than ever before. And enjoy the reason that your break up helped you realize the worth of love itself.

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