6 Ways To Keep Your House Cool In Summer Naturally

Hot summers call for different ways to keep your house cool. While many people prefer using air conditioners to keep the house cool few of us revert to other techniques. With proper use of blinds and curtains and some simple steps, you can achieve your goal of keeping your house cool naturally. Use of plants and some simple tweaks to your ceiling fans will help you greatly to stay cool in the summers. So follow these simple steps and keep your house cool naturally.

How to keep your house cool in summer

1. Open The Windows and Blinds

The air is very cool and fresh in the morning. The best time to keep your windows and blinds open is early morning. Open the windows and let the fresh morning air circulate in your house. By early morning I mean at the dawn while it is still a little dark outside. You can keep the windows open until the time when the sun starts getting hot. This happens by the mid-morning around 8 am. Once you feel that the room is getting warm then shut the blinds.


Open curtains and blinds

2. Mid-Morning: Down the Blinds

Mid-morning is the time when it starts getting really hot outside. So the best thing to do now is to close the blinds. You can use shades or curtains as well. This is to avoid the direct sunlight from entering the room which can make the room hot. This step is a must as it will help you to maintain your room temperature towards the cooler side. During the afternoon you can also sprinkle some water on your curtains. So when the wind blows it will make the room cooler. But be careful not to make the curtain too wet. Your room will become humid and you will feel sweaty if the water is too much.


Down the blinds

3. Create a Ventilation Path

During the night the temperature falls and the air becomes cool. To make the maximum use of this cool air you can create a ventilation system. Identify the windows that allow the wind to flow inside your house. The windows should be positioned such that if air flows in from one window it can flow out from another. This way the cool air will circulate throughout your house and keep your house cool. You can also use table fans to create this effect. Place one table fan facing inside the room and other pointing towards the window.


Create a ventilation path

4. Check Your Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan plays an important role to keep your room cool. There are few things that will affect the performance of the ceiling fan. One of the most important things is the direction of rotation. The counter-clockwise movement of the fan pushes cool air towards the ground. So check your ceiling fan and change it if possible. Many ceiling fans now come with a switch that changes the direction of rotation. Another important thing to keep in mind is to keep the blades of the fan clean. Due to continuous use, the dust tends to accumulate on the blades of the fan. The best way to get rid of this dust is to clean the fan once in 15 days. This will keep the ceiling fan from accumulating more dust and keep your room cool.


Ceiling fans

5. Reduce The Use of Water in Mornings

During the mornings and afternoon, the overhead tanks are heated due to continuous exposure to the sun. This causes the water in the tanks to heat up too. So when you use this hot water for various purposes such as washing and bathing then a lot of humidity is generated. Humidity will make the rooms inhabitable during the hot summer afternoons. You will be all sweaty and uncomfortable. So reduce the usage of water during the hot hours of the day. Take a bath early in the morning while it is still cool. Washing clothes early in the morning is better since it will dry during the day due to the heat.


Reduce the use of water

6. Use Pastel Shades of Bedsheets

Light colors and pastel colors are said to be cool colors and this is very true. Bright colored bedsheets tend to absorb heat and make the sheet warm. The light and pastel colors reflect the heat and do not heat up. It is also advised to wear light-colored clothing in summer for the same reason. You should use light colored bedsheets and curtains to keep the rooms habitable and cool.


Use Pastel-colored sheets

7. Keep indoor plants

Plants help to purify the air naturally. Apart from this many houseplants also help in maintaining the air temperature. Plants like potted Alovera do not need much water to thrive but they help to keep the air free from toxins and keep the air fresh. Other plants such as Snake Plants and Money Plants also help in keeping the air fresh and add freshness to your house.


House plants keep the rooms cool

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