5 Closet Necessities of an Elite Girl for Elegant Styling

Fashion and girls – something that has always been synonymous for centuries. An intuitive cupid of both looking and feeling good is always unquenchable in an elite girl. Besides, being an attrahent she also becomes an epitome of both elegance and desire. It does not only make her feel confident about herself but also enhances her aesthetic outlook. Fashion is seldom referred with the term glamorous which is apparently incorrect. As the urge of experimenting with garments, hair, foot-wears or rather to slip into a totally new texture of attitude is equally taken as a fashionista as it is all about an inner reflection of oneself as well as their comfort quotient. Bringing in versatility and sweeping minds off since ages, girls have always been emblematic to changing trends or making a style statement for that matter. Here are the necessities of an elite girl’s closet.

1. An elegant skirt

Elegance is not catching somebody’s eyes; it stays in everyone’s memory.

There are some days when girls innate a desire to flaunt their figure frame. The hemline of the skirts can vary according to the aesthetics as well as personal taste. Ranging from flowy ones to mini; florals to sulu; denims to pleated skirts are self-standing garments. Skirts can always be paired with either a crop top or several neckline tops which will make it even more fabulous and classy. It’s then when both decorous and neat pencil, skater, draped or rather flowing skirts embark their needs from wearing everyday denims or trousers.

Midi Skirt - Must Have for Closet

2. A warm scarf

To give an old pair of jeans a definition a scarf plays a vital role. It makes one’s eyes look bigger and adds grace to her anatomy. A scarf is a stand-alone piece of cloth that can be worn around neck, waistline, and sometimes head. It’s a must have for a girl’s closet. Be it in the field of sports, a decorative ring, or uniform scarves has been a fashionable accessory which all women make a distinct statement with. Checkered, Floral, Neon, and Pastel are some of the patterns that rules the market. Apart from a cozy wrapping it also adds an expensive outlook to hair. Scarf thus, upgrades a woman’s psyche and makes her self-esteemed.


3. A flawless pair of boots

To add an array of boots from tall ones to short, boots have always been an important hallmark in order to edge a girl’s closet. From Combat boots to fashionable ones they give an extraordinary look to the curves when worn. Varying from ankle, legs, calves and hips, boots are available in various sizes and shapes. The heels one are made to be separate from the rest of the leather. Both impeccable and ideal boots are always a necessity to complete an outfit. Carrying them with a short dress or a pair of jeans, boots never go wrong in upholding a girl’s pride. They provoke an admiration from all corners and hence builds up sanguine in her anatomy. Surely they deserve a place in the closet.



4. A pastel-colored coat

To give a vintage look, a sophisticated pastel coat will definitely be a trick which not only works well in making an affirmation but also will set a trend in this upcoming range of new fashion. Pastel solid colors as well as those neon coats will also mark a statement with a tattered pair of jeggings. Adding to the look pastel coat can always be accessorized with funky bracelets, neckpieces, choker and earrings for that matter. Wearing a coat to a workplace has always been a trendy but the new stock of trench coats gives a pragmatic look to a girl’s statement.

Pastel Coat - Closet necessity

5. A trendy shrug – must have for closet

Shrugs – be it floral, plain or with texture, always leaves a mark. Pair it up with a denim or colored pants, shrugs are an essential in the closet. Roll it up the sleeves or go sleeveless, shrugs come in all designs and combination of varied patterns. It raises one’s shoulder a typically knitted or a cropped shrug is a garment which a girl can pull off easily with a nice slimming pair of trousers.

Shrugs are sometimes regarded savior in case of tank-tops and straight stripped dress. Skillfully knitted shrugs can be worn as a full shirt, beneath a dress, or around the shoulder which adds to the beauty, elegance, and simplicity. They are designed in a plethora that incites both purity and a significant touch of color to one’s aura. They are often designed to impart a glorious trendy look in a girl’s checklist of a shimmery trend which they can keep up to.


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