11 Types Of People You Are Sure To Meet At a Party

Parties are a lot of fun for most of us. And the most interesting part of these parties is having free food, booze, and loads of fun. You also get to hang around with your mates as well as unknown strangers to hit upon. The major part of these social gatherings is to have face to face conversation with your mates with whom you usually don’t talk. Girls usually get to flaunt their dress with pride. There are always the same type of people you find in any parties. I am sure you’ll be able to recognize few of them.

1. The one who is always drunk 

“High on life..!” is their ultimate goal. This one cannot let a single party go in vain. These folks are waaaaaayyyyyy too fast. Many a time people do wonder “They had a bad day or the other way round???” The totally over-intoxicated one is the mandatory thing in any party for sure..!

The always drunk one

2. The Free booze

Well, when it comes to eating at the party, you’ll find these kinda people have come to the party just for the free booze (BEEEERRR… it is!!). They just can’t keep themselves away from the “nth” serving of the same dish (“Excuse me Waiter… Can I have ___”) How will they ever survive a hunger strike??

The free booze

3. The Creepy person

Now here, this insane one will hit on literally every (being precise) every damn girl at the party using the most shitty pickup lines.(“Excuse me, I guess I dropped something.. MY JAW !”). And finally, after getting rejected by every girl he will go and tell his friends she wasn’t  that hot anyway and just gone away(Poof…!).

The creepy one

4. The Dance lovers

Now, these tipsy will let the entire world know that they want to dance. Hundreds and thousands of times.. but they’re swaying and jumping all over the place making everyone dance(“What kinda dance does a plumber do?? Tap dance… Let’s dance!!!”) Really guys?? They are a complete remix of Waka Swags to Titanium i.e. From Bhangra to David Guetta’s wrap. They just know how to give an Indian touch to any kind of music played. Guys, you should serious try to have your own YouTube Channel.

Dance Lovers

5. The First Timer

Calling them kid…! They have really no idea why everyone at the party keeps feeding them shots after shots. And then hey hey hey… they are high on life again wondering what is exactly going on all around??

The First Timers

6. The Puker

Well, there is always this one who has no idea of his/her capacity of drinking and just overdose oneself. Being a friend you just end up with the same old story…! Tapping their back in a washroom and comforting them(“It’s okay..! You’ll be fine ”)

The Puker at the Party

7. The Socially Inactive 

Here, the socially inactive one in the party. Have seen them a lot many times in different parties, but have hardly seen them interacting with anyone. Though one tries to interact with this one but what you’ll receive is just a nod or a smile..! (“Don’t you guys have life?”)

The socially inactive ones

8. The one who always gets into a fight

The totally useless dude which turns the good fashioned fun into a completely all-out brawl in the party. Now this one has some issues with his pride always and keeps drinking and pushing other guys or creating a certain mess. Either he himself is involved with the fight or tries to get others to fight. For them, Bro you need definitely a life..!

The one who always gets into a fight

9. Gossip Queens

It seems that every party has these bunches of girls (“THE MEAN GIRLS”) who always keeps on gossiping things about the crowd. Let it be the way the people have dressed or they way they are talking or their personal life… These girls always have some stuff in their mind. SSSHhhhh..!

Gossip Queens

10. The party spoiler

These people usually cry about anything and everything just spoiling the party mood (Keeps on complaining and complaining and complaining…!) They just refuse to dance, drink or talk to anyone and would beg to just go home as soon as possible. I’m sure we all have encountered such party spoiler in our lives.

The Party Spoilers

11. The Photographer

These days social media like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are trending all over the world. Snapping pictures of the parties over these media is a proof to the society that “Mann..! we had an awesome party.” It can be blessing too as taking pictures will help to create memories. This person is thus a savior but for some time only. They walk around the party to take embarrassing photos and then the next morning you find yourself tagged in some of the very weird photos of yours. BEWARE, Guys..!

The Photographer

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