Going Back to Your Ex? 7 Things to Check

Reinventing one’s life after a breakup and undergoing the same feelings although masquerading some of it from the reality needs a definite second thought. Gestures of parting ways were built in a way that bridging them all over again might be insanely difficult. Second chances are not always bad. But there are certain points you should keep in your mind before going back to your ex. The instability to repeat all those relationship moments and reviving them all over must be checked upon vitally.

1. Find trust before going back to your ex

Trust remains one of the biggest factor to maintain that thread of love in relationships. To trust him again and be back to normal might be a hinder to look upon. If there is less amount of belief compared to the earlier times then rekindling and returning to get your heart broken should be thought upon.

Find Trust

2. Painful to Re-Bond

All break-ups do have a beautiful story underlined which is untouched and pure. The old shimmery moments will harp in one’s mind as it will be extremely painful to reunite in the same manner. Going through all of that once again might ruin your peace of mind, so prepare for it.

Painful Rebound

3. Feeling of Loneliness

Departing from a journey bearing all ups and downs and then moving on? All of these dynamics impart loneliness and a slight depression in one’s mind and heart. The feeling of emptiness is hard to thrive upon. Just in order to have someone beside you should not hurt yourself. Ask yourself whether is it really worth risking your vacant heart once again and getting trapped down.

Feeling of Loneliness

4. Crossed Boundaries

There is a certain wall which is always present in a relationship when the two partners vow to never cross them. If that limit had reached its threshold earlier due to emotional abuse, cheating and lying its a definite time to move on rather than allowing him to enter your life again.

Crossed Boundaries

5. Emotional Baggage

Arguments and fights are some of the major issues that you have dealt earlier with. The situational case that occurs when you carry that emotional baggage which seems heavy will not be justified irrespective of sorting all of it.

Emotional Baggage

6. Refusal of responsibilities

A relationship works out only when both the partners are responsible for sticking to their words and respect each other. If he refuses to take the responsibility that he had committed to and blames it on you, then there is no point in burdening yourself and reinvesting your life with such a partner.

Refusal of responsibility

7. Gut Feeling when going back to your ex

That instinct which tells you if you should consider going back to your ex or blindly move on. That tingling in your stomach which occurs when you feel that something wrong is about to happen. That is a path shown by the universe to you that moving on is anytime a right decision rather than returning to your past. In case you are feeling positive about going back, do not hesitate.

Gut Feeling

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