9 Ways Of Turning Your Adversity into Opportunity

Turning your adversity into opportunity is a great skill, but you can learn that.An ancient Chinese saying states that the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters – one represents danger and the other represents opportunity. There is no one on this planet who has never faced troubles. Trouble has been a part and parcel of all our lives. Every individual may be facing some or other troubles such as career, education, relationships, losses, health and much more. It is also said that a problem for one may appear as an opportunity for another. So today I have come up with a list of steps you must take to acknowledge and face your troubles and convert them into an opportunity. So lets get on with these steps which will help you turn your troubles into opportunity.

 1. Have clarity of Goals

Your life may not be going in the right direction but you must always have some goals or a direction in which you intend to go. You could channelize your energy and time to develop your skills. If there is something you want to do then start working towards completing it successfully. If you know where to hit then your aim will be perfect so it is always better to have a clear goal ahead. Don’t get troubled by looking at the many ways to go and take things one oil barrel at a time. So the first step towards identifying your opportunities is to identify your goals and work towards achieving them.
Clarity of Goals

 2. Focus on things going correctly

This is one of the most common scenarios where we tend to focus on the things going wrong rather than the things happening correctly. Change this attitude of yours and focus on the things going correctly. Nature is full of joyous things, all the trees and the cheerful birds always teach us to be happy. Recognize the achievements and positive things and make the good things grow. Focus on all your achievements and how you feel when you lifted your first trophy or when you went for your first trekking trip. This will always motivate you to do better.
Focus on things going right

 3. Act

Use your time wisely. The tip is to set daily achievement targets and be pro-active. The night before you can make a list of things which you plan to do the next morning so that you are motivated to wake up early and get your work done. Once you finish that then you can go on adding more things to your list. Your aim should be to successfully complete all the targets that you have listed on a priority basis. This way of organizing and listing your daily activities can help you act wisely daily. You will be able to successfully utilize every minute of your day and you will be happy about it.

4. Balance your Life

Some people have a habit of cutting off with their social life when they try to focus on their profession. This is a wrong approach towards life. Do not get cut-off from your world. Meet your friends, attend family get-togethers, learn a new skill, meditate, take care of your health, learn cooking or go trekking with your friends. So many things that you can do along with your studies or job. Do not try to sideline your friends thinking that you will be able to invest more time towards your work. Balance your life. Work hard and party hard, that should be the way of life.
Balance your life

 5. Embrace your fear

Let’s accept this, who doesn’t have a fear of something? All of us are afraid of something or the other, some may be afraid of swimming in water, some may be afraid of heights or closed spaces, spiders and much more. But we do not have to run away from a troubling situation, instead we must train ourselves to face our fears. Most people fail to understand that the capabilities inside us are far greater than the troubles in front of us so stand guard and face your troubles. Instead of reacting to it be prepared to face it and to win over your fears.
Embrace your fear

6. Take advice

Our elders have always been our pillars of support. They always want well for us and will always advise us for our own good. So it is always advisable to consult with your elders, parents, teachers and friends rather than getting choked up with the thought process. There may be many such situations in life where you might feel lonely and weak and you might be unable to find a right way out of it, which is the most apt time to talk to your elders and take their advice. Share your troubles with others, it will help you recalibrate your goals and processes.
Take advice

 7. Be Grateful

It is said that you should always count your blessings and be grateful for what all you are bestowed with. Be thankful for the great life you are living and think of how you can make the life of other people who are not as lucky as you may be. A positive thought process is to think that whatever is happening is happening for your own good. Believe in yourself but don’t be selfish. Be selfless and help others as well. Change your thought process to live a happy life and to be grateful.
Be Grateful

8. Do not succumb

All of us have seen failures in our lives. It is said that you must dive in the deepest despairs in order to rise to greater heights. Do not let your mistakes overshadow you or put you down. Learn from your mistakes. We humans have a tendency to make mistakes and we also possess the ability to learn from them and never repeat them again. Plan carefully and do not stop attempting till you taste success. Do not succumb to your fears and mistakes and rise high to achieve your goals.
Do not succumb

9. Improve every day

Every day is a new day to start with. A clean slate to start your new day. Do not carry forward your mistakes and inabilities. Your each day should be better than the previous one. Perfection is not final, it is a newer ending process. You are perfect because you work towards getting that perfection each day. Improve yourself with each coming day. Your mantra should be to enhance and enrich your life. It is important to face and accept these challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
Improve each day

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