10 Tricks to Help You Sleep Well!

Are you not able to fall into a sound sleep at night? You cannot make it a regular business, ad not getting enough sleep at night can cause long term problems, a lot of stress and eventually make you feel tired and lazy through the day. You need to train your brain to fall asleep, and here are few ways which can surely help you out if you follow them!

     1. Eye Exercise to do before you sleep

      Roll your eyes to form an imaginary square in the air, anticlockwise and clockwise, at least 3-4 times. Do the same again, this time making a circle. Now repeat this with your eyes closed. It simulates what you do in your sleep naturally, so it can help trigger the release of ‘melatonin’, a hormone that regulates sleep!

Exercise your eyes

     2. Relax Your Muscles

Do some basic stretching of your entire body, and by that we mean your legs, arms, toes, feet, hands and neck. Relaxing your muscles can prepare your body for sleep, as it relaxes the mind. Take deep breaths while performing this little exercise. Lie down on the bed after this process.

Stretch before sleeping

     3. Skip a Night – Don’t Sleep

      Yes you heard it right. This is quite hard, but if you can manage it, this trick will reset your body clock according to your demand. Do not sleep one entire day, and do not fall asleep the following day too. When you do so, the next night you will feel terribly tired, and hit the bed on a proper time and you will most probably fall asleep instantly. This will set a new sleep time for your body, which you will have to follow everyday to get a sound sleep.

Stay up all night and don't sleep

     4. Meditate with Visualization

       Imagine you are at some different place, in a totally different scenario, where you feel confident and at peace. Close your eyes and imagine it as if it’s real. You are surfing somewhere, or you are in a large pool chilling out with a drink, or anything! As you explore this imaginary happy world, you should feel relaxed and slowly you will drift off.


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     5. Hum to Yourself

      This is a kind of meditation which helps you to ignore all background sounds and activities, and prevents any kind of thoughts coming to your mind. Just close your eyes on the bed, relax your shoulders and your entire body while taking deep and slow breaths, and start humming with a low sound, and feel the vibrations. You won’t even know when you doze off.

Hum to Yourself

     6. Meditate

      Before you lie down, sit down with your legs crossed, and your palms on your knees. Close your eyes and start taking deep breaths, slow but deep. Forget about everything else, and just focus on the air coming and going out through your nose. Meditation will relax your mind and make you feel fresh, which will lower your anxiety levels, and help you fall asleep quicker.


     7. Make a To Do List

      Do you have lots of things on your mind? Many pending tasks for the coming day or week? Then make a list before you sleep, and include all such points in that list. Set the tasks based on priority, and make a note of completing them one after the another in an order. This will make you worry less, and will release you of a burden which is somewhere in the back of your mind, and you can sleep with sleep.

To Do Lists

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     8. Check Your Bedding

     Is your mattress too stiff? If your pillow to fluffy? Your bedding can be a reason, putting you at discomfort and preventing you from falling asleep easily. Choose a bedding that is comfortable and sleep inducing. You can opt for pressure sensitive mattress and linen, which will make sleep your hobby! A little costly though, but worth the investment for your much needed sleep.

Comfortable bedding for a peaceful sleep

     9. Keep Screens at Bay

     At least an hour before going to bed, keep away your smart-phone, your laptop, tablet and even switch off your television. Experts have proved that if you have an exposure to the rays coming from the screens of these gadgets, then you will have a hard time falling asleep. These rays are harmful for the mind, as they make the cells more active, making it anxious and unstable, and as we lose out calm, so we lay awake in bed for a longer duration.

 Keep Screens at Bay

    10. Calm Yourself

       Apart from meditation and stretching your muscles, there are other ways which can help you relax and bring you at ease. A cup of lukewarm chamomile tea can help you sleep better! You can also try a head massage with lavender, sandalwood or tea tree oils, as these oils wonder magic on your mind, and make you dizzy naturally, offering you a sound sleep.

Calm Yourself

Still finding it hard to sleep? Let us know in the comments below if you feel like sharing.

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