5 Best Summer Grilling Tips Review from Top BBQ Chefs

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The summer is here, and grilling is on! An activity has never been as exciting and as fulfilling. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the comfort of their homes with friends and family, some soft music playing with the aroma of grilling meat and its beautiful smoke decorating the air! Oh, but a thing!

Sadly, though, most who are not well versed with grilling and may lack a few tips up their sleeves may end up getting some meat charred, undercooked or even bland. Get expert tips and advice from professionals like Bobby Flay, The Barbecue Company Reviews and Emeril Lagasse. This is advice you’d not want to miss. Be sure to apply them the next time you’re grilling!

Common mistakes

First, know the mistakes, how to avoid them then get to the real deal once you’re ready!

Timing – Most people make the mistake of putting their meat to grill as soon as they can. Takeyour time. Let the grill heat a little, and for the fuel in charcoal or wood to turn gray. Gas grills, however, are generally faster. This doesn’t exempt them from this wait, though. Owing to this fact, therefore, you’d want to give it a few minutes to come to temperature.

Turning – Smoke is an ingredient in grilling, and so is tranquility, peace. First things first, do not open the lid of your grill every time to check if all is going on smoothly. Of course, it is! You’re just getting eager. If you lose the smoke, you lose the flavor and temperature as well. You’d not like that. Do not turn or adjust your meat every other time. This will get it stuck on the grill and affect the process.

Saucing – Due to its nature of burning quickly, only add barbecue sauce towards the end of your cooking.

Flareups – They may be fun to watch, but that’s your flavor dripping. Avoid turning your meat and the once or twice you have to, use tongs. Don’t use forks since they’ll prick the meat and cause fat to drip. Oh, wait, that’s flavor!

Undercooking – A meat thermometer is your savior for undercooked food. It comes at an affordable price, as low as $10. Use a remote thermometer instead of a read to avoid opening the lead every time. Indeed, a good thermometer is a cook’s best friend, as held by Emeril Lagasse.

Expert tips

1. Quality of what you’re cooking

Buy good quality meat to ensure your meal is great. Thomas Dritsas recommends Stock Yards and Allen Brothers for the excellent meat quality in America.

2. Seasoning

For the first 15 to 20 minutes before you begin grilling, use salt or pepper to season your steak. The resulting flavor will be unforgettable!

3. Hardwood chunks

When added to the grill, as per Emeril Lagasse, add some smoky flavors to your meat. He recommends hickory and or mesquite.

4. Temperature

Bobby Flay advises that you give the meat some time to come to temperature. Thirty minutes for smaller chunks and an hour for larger ones would suffice. When grilling starts, both the outside and inside will be able to cook uniformly.

5. Resting time

Jan Birnbaum advises on giving the meat some resting time before cutting and or serving. According to him, the meat’s temperature can rise to up to 10 percent after removing from the grill, so the cooking continues.

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