5 Reasons Why You May Need an Attorney

If you’re anything like me, you find the legal world confusing and complicated. Yes, it saves lives and serves justice to criminals, but it can be difficult for someone who doesn’t work in that world to understand it.

From what I see on TV and read in the papers, I can comprehend that lawyers and attorneys play an important role in our society. Whether it’s a tax problem or family matters, it seems like a growing number of people seek legal advice and even legal representation.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately 792,500 lawyers working throughout the country in 2016. That’s a crazy number, but it’s also reassuring to know there are many legal teams working to support those who need it the most.

I ‘m thankful that, so far in my life, I haven’t needed to do so, but I’m sure at some point down the road I will require the services of a lawyer, whether it’s for business or family inheritance matters. I thought it would be helpful to go over some of the different types of attorneys and why you may need them.

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1. Personal Injury

I’m forever grateful that I haven’t been involved in a serious accident, but I am reassured knowing that those liable can be held responsible through personal injury claims.

Personal injury claims arise from car accidents, drunk driving crashes, faulty products, falls and slips, workplace accidents, and much more. If you sustain injuries in a vehicular collision, or you get burned by a faulty electronic, you could receive compensation from a personal injury suit. This area of law also includes wrongful death lawsuits.

If you’ve ever researched a major accident or workplace tragedy, you’ve probably read about the compensation victims and victim’s families received—most of these settlements resulted from personal injury claims.

Although hopefully you or a loved one is never seriously injured or killed in a preventable accident, it’s beneficial to know that there are personal injury lawyers out there to help you get the compensation you deserve. Physical injuries can cause serious pain and harm, and it’s only fair that those responsible are held liable for their actions or negligence.

2. Family Lawyers

Whenever I’ve searched for family attorneys near me, I’ve been amazed to find an incredibly long list of lawyers specializing in marriage, divorce, births, child custody, child support, and more. These lawyers have dedicated their careers to helping families go through adjustment periods and securing a better future for victims of abuse and neglect.

When you think about bitter court battles, one of the first things that come to mind are vicious custody cases where both sides go back and forth. I know issues like this can seem unfair and devastating to any family, because my family went through this, years ago before I was born.

My mom had my two older siblings, and she had to secure the help of a family lawyer as she fought for full custody to keep my brother and sister away from the dangerous, dark, and often drunk moods of their biological father. I’ve heard the horror stories, and I know that the best family lawyers will continue fighting for their clients until a satisfying solution is achieved.

Family attorneys help parents, grandparents, siblings, and spouses navigate the often-overwhelming legal world of custody and money. They serve a valuable purpose as they try and assist their clients in some of life’s most tragic challenges and circumstances.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that there were 827,261 divorces in 2016, resulting in a divorce rate of 3.2 per 1,000 people. Divorces and custody cases can often be expensive, and many people are worried about the price tag and how they will ever be able to afford their legal fees. Luckily, there are admirable organizations out there that serve the underprivileged communities and aim to help victims of domestic abuse without a huge price tag.

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3. Property

Another type of law is property law, and, as you can imagine, this is important for anyone that owns any property, such as a home, a business, or a vehicle. Sadly, theft and burglary are part of our society, and as hard as law enforcement tries to combat these issues, it seems there are always more criminals out there lurking.

I find it sad that we live in a world where we have to keep our doors locked and install security systems just to feel a sense of safety in our own homes. Yet this is our reality, and I would much rather be safe than sorry. But even all the prevention methods in the world can’t stop thieves or vandals every time, everywhere, so it’s crucial that property lawyers work to serve justice and get compensation for their clients.

Property law covers damage to personal property by means of trespassing, larceny (theft), arson, littering, vandalism, and intentional damage. While hopefully you never have to deal with the stress of seeing something you love damaged or broken into, it’s good to know there are lawyers out there to help with these cases.

The rental industry is huge, and property law also entails tenant vs. landlord disputes, late rent, residential property matters, and more. If you are the victim of theft or other property crimes, you can count on property lawyers to help you pursue your case. Many victims of crime or theft are successfully awarded compensation in court.

Sometimes, when something bad happens to you like if your car is stolen or your renters are five months late and won’t move out, it can be easy to let the stress get to you. Many victims of crime assume it’s just their bad luck and they won’t be able to do anything about it. But property law is there for a reason, and there’s a good chance that victims can get something out of going to court and pursuing their claim.

4. Criminal

Perhaps one of the most obvious, and important, areas of law is criminal justice. Every day, dangerous individuals are sentenced for horrifying crimes that threaten public safety. Prosecutors play an extremely valuable role in locking up criminals and keeping them off the streets to protect communities.

It sadly seems that drugs, assault, and murder will always be part of society, although hopefully, the numbers will go down. In 2016 alone, there were 79,787 criminal filings in U.S. district courts.

Law enforcement officers and communities everywhere are doing their best to combat crime, but it is a huge task. The criminal justice system makes it possible to prevent crime by putting criminals and violent offenders behind bars for extended lengths of time.

I wish no victims or victim’s families had to go through the court proceedings, but they too play a critical part in sending these criminals to jail. In the case of assault or attempted murder, many victims will be asked to testify in a criminal trial. Victim impact statements are also an important opportunity for those affected by a crime to speak up about the long-lasting effects of the criminal’s behavior.

For example, the grieving mother of a murder victim may appear in court and express her never-ending sorrow and despair over the loss of her only child. She may plead with the judge or jury to keep this criminal locked up for life considering he took her child’s life.

I can only imagine how difficult the world of criminal law is; prosecutors have to relive the victim’s terror while public defenders and defense attorneys have to protect some of the most controversial and often hated alleged perpetrators.

It’s a tough job for anyone, but I am thankful we have criminal lawyers there to protect victims and the wrongly accused.

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5. Employment Law

Last but certainly not least is employment law. Anyone who has ever worked at any job has benefitted from the existence of employment law. These legalities protect workers from unfair treatment and wrongful dismissal.

If you feel you have been wrongly fired from a job, or you have been treated unfairly, you may have grounds for a claim. Employment law protects employees by holding employers to high standards.

100 years ago, employment law was not near as stringent as it is today. Thousands of immigrants and impoverished workers were treated carelessly and overworked to the point of exhaustion for little, if any, pay. Today, it’s much harder for employers to get away with treating their workers like that. Otherwise, lawsuits would be through the roof and the company would face extreme financial stress and backlash.

That’s not to say that cases of employee abuse and mistreatment don’t exist. They do, and employment attorneys strive to get the best result for their clients who have been through so much.

Next time you’re in your office or workplace, take a look at the signs that should be posted in the employee break room. This information will provide the details on overtime, fair treatment and equal opportunity employers.

At the end of the day, lawyers exist to protect the innocent, mistreated and abused. They play a prominent part in our lives and shape our society. If you have run into legal trouble, whether it’s through crime, property theft, family matters, personal injury or employment issues, you should consult a local attorney right away. They can help you get the compensation and treatment you rightfully deserve.

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