Things to Know About Tetra Pak Recycling

Tetra Pak cartons are popular worldwide for being sturdy packs that keep the contents fresh for longer. The cartons protect your milk, juices, and other liquids from moisture, oxygen, light, air, and dirt.

However, there is a lot of debate on Tetra Pak recycling. The company claims that all cartons are fully recyclable. But do all Tetra Pak cartons get recycled in recycling units? Read on to know all about recycling Tetra Pak.

Is Tetra Pak Recyclable?

Tetra Pak cartons are recyclable, but layers make it complicated. Every carton is made up of three layers that include the following:
● Paperboard – 75%
● Polyethylene – 20%
● Aluminum – 5%

The materials layer together with pressure and heat. Together, they form six layers of protected armor for your drinks. Despite many layers, the pack is lightweight and easily portable.

You can recycle the paperboard into many paper products. Meanwhile, the remaining 25% of the carton recycles into roof sheets, panel boards, and many other things. When the recycling unit collects the cartons, they separate the layers of paper
boards from aluminum and polyethylene. A hydra pulping process and complex machinery take care of the separation. Then, each material turns into useful recycled products.

What Does the Recycling Process Involve?

Tetra Pak recycling involves various steps to ensure the complete recycling of all materials.


Once the cartons arrive at the collection center, they are separated from other recyclables. The unit flattens and compacts the packs with a baler. Then, the cartons are transported to the recycling facility.

Separating the Paperboard

The recycling facility fills water into the Tetra Pak cartons and pulps them for a while. The cartons get into a giant drum called a pulper. The paper fiber separates from the aluminum and polyethylene with the hydra pulping process.

The fiber converts into many pulp sheets. They are recycled into different paper grades and paper products, such as envelopes, tissue papers, and notepads.

Transforming the Residue

With high pressure and heat, the residue of aluminum and polyethylene transforms into lightweight yet tough boards. The composite boards can replace wood to make a roofing sheet and other furniture.

Are All Tetra Pak Cartons Recycled?

Though Tetra Pak is recyclable, many cartons do not go through recycling. In 2018, the global recycling rate of the cartons was only 26%. Most local recycling centers do not take up the complex tasks of recycling Tetra Pak.

To separate the paper fibers, facilities need to follow a special process to wash them out. Then, the unit has to recycle the aluminum and polyethylene separately. It requires a massive amount of advanced equipment and resources like energy and

You can check online if Tetra Pak recycling units are available in your locality. If no centers are available nearby, store your cartons and ship them in a considerable amount to a recycling facility that accepts them. You can also reuse the cartons as a
holder for your crayons, paint brushes, and other small items to reduce your carbon footprint.

Make sure that your Tetra Pak cartons are being recycled. Before putting your cartons in the recycle bin, you can check if your local recycling facility accepts them. You can look for alternative options, such as repurposing them as well.

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