10 Crazy Wedding Dresses That Will Make You Laugh

For any girl in this world, the wedding day is the most awaited day of her life and the selection of perfect wedding dresses has its own importance. From the very beginning, she always waits for her wedding day. She starts planning for her wedding from the very tender age and when the D-day arrives, she wants it to be the perfect and the most memorable bride. So what’s the most important thing to focus on the wedding day??? Obviously the bride’s wedding dress. And for most of the brides, their wedding dresses are the one they have planned for their entire lives.

They want to present themselves as the most gracious and elegant women in the world. They invest almost their entire life in just planning about their wedding dresses whether it has to be draped in lace while some are dripping in Swarovski crystals most of them being the iconic one. Most of them are gorgeous ones while sometimes the investment goes in the wrong way. Sometimes these decisions backfire in such a terrible manner that it’s quite difficult to handle.

1. Flowery pun

Did you see that? A dress that can be worn that is made up of flowers??? Sometimes working with difficult sensations can lead to very powerful design solutions but sometimes it’s just a bit messier. Combination of fabrics along with the real flowers and plant materials sounds quite attractive. Little bunches of grass and flowers are glued onto the silk organza material. For the bride who doesn’t have allergies try on this aromatic and prismatic dress on your most awaited day.

Flowery Wedding Dress

2. The fly-high Balloon dress

When a bride asks for the unique wedding dress for her wedding day, it’s definitely not the Alita Graham or Anne Barge. Here, you just need to think out of the box. For the brides who love to fly up high and resist those pointy and poky objects, this one is definitely for you. Tiny-miny inflated balloons weaved together to form a wedding dress, an amazing idea isn’t it?

Baloon dress

3. White chocolate lover

Chocolate and Ivory wedding themes ideas and inspirations are quite not so unique ideas. But indulging this inspiration as one of the wedding dress, it is quite a rare one. I guess this poor bride definitely needs to get her facts correct. Baby, white chocolates still are counted as the real chocolates.

White Chocolate Wedding Dress

4. Human Hair dress

It’s really a mandatory thing for the brides to have a unique dress for their wedding day. But finding out the new ways of doing things, might sometimes backfire certain decisions. This unique hair wedding dress definitely shows the originality and creativity of the dress but believe it or not this out of the box style will definitely suit on Lady Gaga…

Wedding dresses - Hairy Gown

5. Lights on

Walking down the aisle on your wedding day is one of the most incredible experiences of a girl’s life. You’ll can follow the old tradition and walk down together, or put a fun twist on things and each makes your own separate entrance. Regardless of how you would do it, you’ll definitely want to choose a song to walk down the aisle to have that luminous effect that reflects the unique bond you and your partner share. And then you might have this Technicolor light that brings on the show while walking down the aisle. Visually captivating dress has this high tech fiber optic fabric that lights up the area. Oh! How bright it is…!

Lights On

6. Cut the cake

This wedding dress is actually a cake…Yes, it is true!! Now, this idea is just above and beyond our thinking. Wearing the actual cake as your wedding dress can be one of the most bizarre ideas of the bride. The bride definitely likes to kill two birds with one arrow. Nice choice pretty woman..!

Wedding dresses - Cake Wedding dress

7. Toilet Paper covered

It’s almost impossible to even think to impress oneself with the wedding dress which is truly crafted by the toilet paper. The absolute budget and cheapest wedding dress of all the time, the toilet paper wedding dress. What else does it requires, tape it, glue it, and if required thread it…and VIOLA the dress is ready. “You may now flush the bride…!”

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

8. Too much of Condoms

In order to be unique and completely quirky, certain brides really think a way too ahead. Plan about your future before hand and enjoy your wedding pleasures. Not just a basic requirement found in a pair of jeans, but now condoms are part of the beautiful wedding dresses too. Have an amazing wedding night..!

Wedding dresses - Condom Wedding dress

9. Vagina it is

Now the heads turning and jaws dropping design Vagina wedding dress is complete eccentric and certainly unconventional designer dress for the wedding day. And yes, brides out there do prefer such kinda change in their life. These girls do not need to prove anything in the world and just move along with the FEMINISM in them… Let’s celebrate Feminism..!

Vagina It is

10. The No Wedding dresses

Sexy dresses can definitely prove stunning during the day but sometimes proving your sexisms might get backfired. This totally bizarre way for dressing up during the wedding is completely out of the box. The couples that get married with such kinda dress definitely have nothing to prove as the dress itself shows their fondness. Here the saying goes… “From cotton seed to Shirts.. save them!!”

No wedding dress

Let us know which wedding dresses you found to be the most bizarre.

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