10 Quirky New Year Resolutions You Should Try!

 New Year has already arrived and many things have changed but the one thing that has not changed is the tradition of making new year resolutions. Some resolve to work out and lose weight, some people resolve to work less and spend more time with family. This year we have selected few quirky resolutions for you. Let’s be more creative with our resolutions and make them fun so that we stick to our new year resolutions. Here are a few amazing and out of the box resolutions for you.

New Year Resolutions

    1. Wake up in the morning: Topmost on your new year resolutions list!

Let’s be honest! How many of us set multiple alarms to wake up in the morning? If we want to wake up at 7 am then we will plan very strategically and time our alarms ranging from 6:50 am to 7:10 am, one at 6:50 then 6:55 then 7 and so on but what we end up doing is keep sleeping. So it’s high time that we accept this fact that even hundreds of alarms won’t be enough to wake you up on time, then what shall you do? If you want to wake up at 7 then plan your day accordingly and just set one alarm for 7 am. Strengthen your willpower and tell yourself “I will wake up at 7” multiple times before you sleep. Let’s break one bad habit that we regret so add this to your new year resolutions list.

Wake up without multiple alarms

              2. Get out of Instagram and get a life

“I got 300 likes on my latest selfie”, “Oh mine had 315 likes”…”Tell me which filter you used?”…Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I am talking about the current generations trending social media app Instagram. How many of you have actually clicked the picture of your food and put it on Insta? Or upload everything you do, every minute of your life on Insta? Many of us do that right? But in this race for likes and comments, we have somewhere lost our real lives. So this New Year let’s cut short the Insta time and let’s add some Real moments and memories to our lives and enjoy.

Get out of Instagram and get a life

    3. Go Road tripping with your family

Road tripping with friend “so cool”, road tripping with family “Super cool”. Yes, that is certainly one of the most fun experience you must have in your life. In this busy life where most of us are busy working and live in separate cities for our job, we are often unable to spend quality time with our families. Let’s solve this problem and plan a road trip with your family. Invite everyone your uncle, aunt and cousins as well and go enjoy some family time together. It is one of the greatest and fun way to catch up with your loved ones as well as enjoy a holiday. I am sure that by now you must have added this resolution on your Must Do list, well good for you and if not then just do it, you will thank me later.

Go Road tripping with your family

    4. Learn something new every month

I have always wanted to learn to fly a fighter jet, so what’s the best time to do it than now? Fighter Jet is a bit high level but things like Greeting Card making, Painting, Scuba Diving and even driving a car can be learned in a month. Every time you learn something new you gain more self-confidence and you are thrilled with the small success which you achieve in you small activities and hobbies. This encourages you to keep experimenting and keep learning quirky and fun things throughout your life. So whenever you feel that you have nothing to do then just go online and checkout the amazing things that you can learn. From online courses to flying a jet, you can do anything if you set your mind to it and what more you will invest your time in productive activities that are sure to boost your morale. So what will you learn this month?

Learn something new every month

    5. Keep a happiness jar

A happiness Jar! It sure sounds interesting and what more it is super easy to do. To start with you just need an empty jar. Every time you do something that brings you happiness, or if anyone else does something great for you, then simply add this memory by noting it down on a piece of paper and fold it and put it in the jar. If one jar doesn’t suffice then take a new one and continue this till the New Year. So by the end of a year, you will be left with jars full of happy memories of the past year and you can open them on the 31st and read. This is a long time investment to happiness and will help you start your new year on a happy note. If you get more creative then you can even decorate the jar, so let’s start investing in a happy new year.

Keep a happiness jar

    6. Learn to respect your body

Oh yes. its high time that we realize what’s good for our body and what’s bad. Exercise daily for at least half an hour. Any form of exercise will do, gym, swimming, Zumba or any outdoor game like football. If you are more of a calm person then try Yoga and meditation, they also help strengthen your body as well as your mind. Next step, start eating right. I know your heart skips a beat when you look at pizza, burger and French fries but they aren’t going to make you healthy and fit so include as many fruits and veggies as you can in your diet. Salads are super healthy and so are sprouts and dry fruits. Also, keep smiling, be happy and spread happiness, you know the power of good laugh and you know that it is contagious so keep smiling and spread love.

Respect your body

    7. Go natural!

Try fresh and green vegetables instead of the packed products. Organic food is really good for health and so are the food products without preservatives and added taste and color. If you can then start a kitchen garden where you can grow all kinds of herbs and vegetables. Include natural fruit juices in your diet instead of packed ones and you will see the difference of your choice in a very short time. Love nature and respect it. Treat all the animals with kindness and plant as many trees as you can. So this new year go natural everybody!

Go natural!

    8. Declutter your life

You really don’t need clothes that don’t fit you anymore and please throw out all you expired items as well. Your unused clothes can bring happiness to a needy person. Donate your old clothes which are in good condition and don’t fit you anymore. The person receiving it will be really happy and you would have done something selfless in the New Year. Donate all your old and unused books to school libraries and also orphanages. Sell all those products which you do not need anymore. Websites such as Flipkart allow you to sell used items online and it is a very easy process to go through. Go minimalistic and see all the space that you will have in your apartment. It will be great to roam around freely so start now and declutter your life.

Declutter your life

    9. Get a super unique pet

Who doesn’t love pets? They are the best companions to us and they are always there when we need someone to talk to and what more they always understand our feelings and do their best to cheer us up when we are sad. So if you don’t have a pet and you have always wanted one then this is a must do for you. There are so many unique animals whom you can keep as pets. Dogs and cats have always been all time favorite but if you are looking for a unique pet then you can have chameleons and garden lizards, also stick insects and spiders make great pets. So many beautiful creatures are waiting for your love, so who is gonna be your lovely pet?

Get a super unique pet

    10. Color your life

Black and white are not the only colors in life nor is it necessary to stick to the stereotype of matching colors. This New Year resolve to break all the rules and try all the funky and quirky combinations and the various shades of colors. I am not just talking about clothes and shoes but I am talking about your life in general. Add color to your life, paint the walls with bright colors and amazing patterns. Experiment with the shades and just color everything around you in interesting shades that bring you joy and keep you enthusiastic and excited all day. So this New Year when the white snow covers the land you just add little bit color to your life. A rainbow of colors is always full of happiness and it is bound to make your Year happy and fun, resolve to add colors to your life and do tell me about your favorite shades and colors.

Color your life


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