6 Horrible Ways How ISIS Mistreated Women

Being an extremist group, ISIS roots belonged to a small troop of Jordanian jihadis who went to Taliban Afghanistan in 1999 and to those who were in Iraq waiting for the Americans when the invasion came in 2003. It has been deformed earlier by the US  in Iraq, but since the U.S. pullout from Iraq and the beginning of the Syrian uprising in 2011, ISIS has found a fertile environment for expansion and has set up a pronto-state in areas of eastern and northern Syria and western and central Iraq.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also known as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, is well known for spreading terrorism in the name of religion, and also for the inhuman torture they do to the ones they capture and makes ‘slaves’. They tried to brain wash a lot of youth from various countries, as a part of their “mass recruitment”, and what is even more shocking is that the youth responded to their calls.


Made as Sex Slaves

But they did not stop here. They also have a name for kidnapping women, and treating them horribly. They keep the young women for fulfilling the physical demands of their young and ‘restless’ fighters. Also,  these women are being kept in worse conditions, and the value for their life is, as you would have guessed till now, is NIL.

After ISIS invaded Iraq from Syria and conquered the central and western areas of the country in the summer of 2014, it massacred the men and enslaved the women of the Yazidis, an ancient non-Islamic sector that ISIS refers to as “devil- worshipers”. The way it harassed women and mistreated them is a horrendous story to be depicted in words:

1. Treated as ‘property’

In ISIS – controlled areas of Iraq and Syria, women are treated as ‘property‘. They are beaten, whipped and killed as punishment for a range of crimes. They treat women brutally and are forbidden to leave the house if they are not dressed uniformly. Those deemed to be pagans, such as the Yazidis, are bought and sold as slaves.


Rape victims

2. They are made sex slaves

A document shows that women were forced into sex slavery as many of the injunctions dealing with rape within families. Some 2000 women were captured and forced into sexual slavery when ISIS raided Mount Sinjar in 2014. A nine-year-old little girl was made pregnant after she was raped by 10 militants. Such was the hideous crime that ISIS beasts committed.

ISIS slaves

3. Women are raped after they are ‘possessed’

ISIS released a pamphlet describing their regulations which said it was permissible to rape a woman immediately after possessing her. However, their rules claimed that a man is also permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse. The pamphlet also mentions that any person who does not believe in Islam will be considered equally to a slave. The pamphlet basically had guidelines on how to capture, keep and sexually abuse female slaves.

Escaped ISIS sex slaves

4. Clinics for women are shut down

Clinics for women are shut down for absurd reasons. The ISIS leaders made all the women clinics run by male doctors in Syria to force shut down. ISIS’s leaders enforced their belief over their captured territories. They strongly believe that men and women must be kept separate at all costs. Also, they do not allow male gynecologists to treat women.

Escaped women slaves

5. Public harassment and stoning

ISIS crossed all the borders of humanity when they whipped women in public for several reasons, one of them being breastfeeding in public was not completely veiled. Death punishments by stoning women as a punishment for adultery is a trend for them. Whipping is the most lenient form of torture women face when they refuse to have intercourse with ISIS fighters.

Stoning by ISIS

6. The Biter- Clipper

The Clipper was an instrument causing agonizing pain by ripping off pieces of flesh. ISIS subjected women, and still does, to the brutal crime of clipping when women were not completely veiled or had worn baggy trousers, socks and gloves. The rules established by these beasts also mentioned that women should always be accompanied by a male relative when they step out of the house.



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