FIFA bans Lionel Messi from 4 World Cup Games

Yes, you heard it right! FIFA has handed a four match ban to Lionel Messi, and this news is agonizing for millions of those fans who were waiting to see him in action. Here’s what we know so far, and that is pretty much all of it.


1. Lionel Messi is out for 4 WCQ Games

He will not be playing the next 4 matches of the world cup qualifiers. This also includes the match against Bolivia on Tuesday, which was seemingly an interesting match. The other three matches are against Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela. But without the Argentinian forward, will it be the same?

2. Ban an outcome of a verbal abuse 

Lionel Messi was seen in an “outrageous” behavior on the field, during a match against Chile on Thursday. He verbally abused an assistant referee during the home qualifier match. Although the Brazilian referee did not report the incident initially, but then FIFA intervened in the matter and things got worse for Messi.

On the other hand, a newspaper reported that thehead match referee, Sandro Ricci, made the following statement :

I did not hear any offensive language from Messi or anyone else towards myself, besides the normal players’ complains (specially raising their hands) [sic] during the match. If I had heard any offensive word, I would have acted in according the rules of the game.

3. Messi’s reactions were filled with rage

Even after the spat with the referee, Lionel Messi did not seem to calm down soon. Television recordings showed Messi reacting in a fit of rage in the game when the assistant gave him a flag for a foul. He waved back in insult and spoke insulting words for the Brazilian official. Also, after the game, He did not shake hands with the assistant referee. Well, this clearly shows the absence of professionalism – something we don’t expect from a legendary player like Lionel Messi!

Lionel Messi

4. Wait, there is a good news for fans

Yes, fans must be aware that Argentina was struggling in the world cup campaigns, but had managed to win the last two matches – with Lionel Messi scoring in both. This ban certainly is a concern for the entire team.

But Lionel Messi will be playing the final fixture against Ecuador, which should cheer up those agitated fans a little! 


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