8 Unsolved Mysteries of The Human Body

Human body is such a brilliant work of art that many of it’s functionalities are still unexplained by many doctors. The unsolved mysteries of human body have consumed the brains of many scientists over the period of time. No-body has ever stated a certain reason of some behaviors. Here are the 8 unsolved mysteries of human body that science has yet to figure out definite explanations.

1. Why do we have fingerprints?

Even identical twins have different fingerprints. It distinguishes us from rest of the world’s population. Many scientists have tried to figure out the actual reason that causes our fingerprints to be unique, but still there are no precise answers. Also, it remains unchanged until death. The overall body structure changes, skin wrinkles, but they remain the same. Strange, isn’t it?

Finger prints are one of unsolved mysteries of human body

2. Why are some people left handed?

Do you know exactly 10% of world’s population is left handed? Yes! According to the reports, the ratio has always remained the same for more than 500 years. First of all, why people are left handed is itself an unexplained question. Some says intelligent people are left handed. Anyways, the mystery remains unsolved.

Why people are left handed

3. Why do we have blood types?

Ever wondered why do we have blood types? Why can’t every person have same blood type? Researchers do not have any certain answers for there questions. There are four major blood types. Some people says, it is just because of evolution of human beings under different situations and conditions.


Having blood types is still one the unsolved mysteries of human body

4. Why AUTISM?

Autism is a disorder which causes social and language problems. 1 in 100 people are affected by this disorder. It is present from childhood and in this condition, the individual is not able to communicate with other people and form any kind of relationship with them. Researches says, it is due to fast growth of brain, but still it is not yet proven and there is no perfect treatment.

Autism is still a mystery

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5. Why do we dream?

According to the statistics, around 25% of each night’s are spent dreaming. No-body has any clue that what causes our brain to dream or what is dream? Scientists says, our brain tries to solve our problem metaphorically which we have been thinking all day while awake. But, this is just a theory, there is no certain answer.

Why do we dream


6. Why do we yawn?

Ever wondered why do we yawn? People have tried to figure out the actual reason for more than 2500 years, but still it is unexplained. They have related it to many theories like it causes sexual arousal or orgasm, but none is proven.

yawning is still one of unsolved mysteries

7. Why sudden twitch before sleeping?

Many-a-times you might have experienced a sudden jerk just before sleeping. Everyone have something different to say upon this phenomenon. It is also described as ghost choking you in your sleep. Scary, isn’t it? Scientists belief, it is the caffeine or tobacco that induces sudden jerks, if you have consumed it just before your bedtime. But, there is no valid proof for this reason. Hence, this makes this phenomenon to be in the list of unsolved mysteries.

People twitch while sleeping

Source : www.newsleakcentre.com


8. Why sun sneezing?

According to the reports, every single person out of three sneezes when they look at bright sunlight. It is called as ACHOO syndrome. The reason is unexplained. But, some says there is a correlation between light stimuli and sneezing reflex which causes neurological mix-up.

Sun sneezing is one of unsolved mysteries

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Above are 8 unsolved mysteries of human body, there can be even more,  so let us know about any in the comment section below. If you know some answers or more convincing theories that can explain any of these behaviors then do share with us.

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