6 Formidable Men in Donald Trump’s Cabinet

Donald Trump's Cabinet
About Donald TrumpMike Pence - Vice President
Rex Tillerson - Secretary of State
Wilbur Ross -Secretary of CommerceGen Michael Flynn - National Security AdvisorGen James Mattis - Secretary of DefenceGen John Kelly - Secretary of Homeland Security

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Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America. An American businessman and a television personality, and with an estimated net worth of $4.5 billion, is said to lack experience in the public office and foreign affairs. But he has chosen 6 formidable men who could shape his relationship with developing nations, especially India. Here are those six men, and some of their most talked about incidents.

  1. 1.Mike Pence – Vice President

    1.1  Mike Pence served as the 50th and current Governor of the State of Indiana.
    1.2  He suggested that Trump’s extraordinary deal making skills could help resolve the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan.

  2. 2.Rex Tillerson – Secretary of State

    2.1  The Secretary of State participates in negotiations with other countries.
    2.2  Rex Tillerson was president and CEO of ExxonMobil, the world’s largest oil and gas company. 2.3  He has close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin and several other world leaders.
    2.4  Rex Tillerson could enhance Indo-US relationships and aid India’s market.

  3. 3.Wilbur Ross – Secretary of Commerce

    3.1  Wilbur Ross is a billionaire investor with a reputation for resurrecting failed companies.
    3.2  He has often advocated steep tariffs on China.
    3.3  Ross’s frequent and long standing investments in Indian companies could help establish favourable trade policies.

  4. 4.Gen Michael Flynn – National Security Advisor

    4.1  The NSA has the final word on policy proposals from the Pentagon and other agencies.
    4.2  Michael Flynn is a retired army general who once termed Islamism a ‘vicious cancer’.
    4.3  He met Indian NSA Ajit Doval and agreed to share intelligence with India to counter terrorism.

  5. 5.Gen James Mattis – Secretary of Defence

    5.1  Nicknamed “Mad Dog”, James Mattis is a retired US marine general who could now shape the US’s war on Islamic State and other terror factions.
    5.2  In 2010, he suggested bringing military officers of India and Pakistan together, and allow them to perhaps attend our school together.

  6. 6.Gen John Kelly – Secretary of Homeland Security

    6.1  The secretary of homeland security handles terrorism, border security, customs and emergency management.
    6.2  John Kelly is a former US marine general, who oversaw operations at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.
    6.3  He will be the determining factor in Trump’s hard line immigration policy.

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