How to do a T-Shirt Fundraiser Campaign for Blind People?

T-shirt selling is one of the best ways to collect funds for blind support projects. T-shirts have a modern and trendy design, and men and women both love wearing t-shirts. There is no doubt a t-shirt fundraiser campaign can help you raise a good
amount for welfare programs related to the blind community. The main question is how to do a T-shirt fundraiser campaign for blind people. Here are a few tips and guidelines on how to go about it.

Step One – Designing the T-Shirt

A great blind graphic design communicates the social message clearly and accurately. When designing t-shirts for blind fundraiser campaigns, you need to pay attention to the illustrations, typography, and other visual elements.

Leading designers mention that accessible designs ensure people enjoy the design and benefit from the work. The blind graphic design can include basic graphics, but the message of the fundraiser campaign must be loud and clear. Only then can you expect a heightened level of awareness and good donations to make the blind support project successful.

You can use any professional tools to create the design to make a customized t-shirt that people will love. Designing the t-shirt is the main part of the t-shirt fundraiser campaign, and it needs to be done carefully.

Step Two- Selecting T-shirt Pattern

There are different t-shirt patterns/color combinations like Red and White, Blue and White, Green and Gray, Blue and Yellow, Maroon and White, Blue and Grey, Neutral Colors, and many more. You need to choose the right product with all the features
you want. For example, you can choose between a hoodie or plain, decide the sleeve length and neck style based on your preferences.

There are certain things you need to achieve with the t-shirt design and pattern like

● Attract attention – the t-shirt you offer to supporters and promote the blind support cause should feature an eye-catching and attractive design. It should feature the logo of your organization and respective quotes.
● Communicate Information – the t-shirt design should communicate information about your blind fundraiser event. It should have more branded elements and have text in the front and back.
● Identify your volunteers and staff- Your staff and volunteers will be wearing the t-shirts at the fundraiser event. They should prominently wear a different color than others attending the event. The t-shirt design should prominently
feature your logo and branding.

Step Three – Printing and Determining the Price

Once the t-shirt pattern/color and the design are finalized, you should look at getting the bulk printing done. When the t-shirts are ready, check for the total cost of the product, including the price of the t-shirts, designer fees, and cost of printing, and set
a selling price. Finally, set a selling price that will allow you to cover all t-shirt procurement and printing costs, and you will also make some profit after selling them.

Step Four – Share Your Campaign

When planning a fundraiser event to support the blind, you need to spread the word around. It is important to let people know that you are selling t-shirts for a particular blind community cause and mention how people can get these t-shirts. Many people tend to buy more when they know you are doing it for a good cause. You can use social media platforms to share your fundraising event details.

To sum up, these are steps you need to follow when planning a t-shirt fundraiser
event for blind support projects.

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