How to Get the Perfect Lawn : The Easy Guide

If you own a garden, then you must know that the lawn will be highlighting its perfect look. Keeping your lawn health and rich green will be adding a life to your outside area. But how can you get the perfect lawn? Be it creating the lawn, maintaining and repairing it, here is the ultimate easy guide.

Stop weeds before they arise: Prevent weeds to gain a roothold in the lawn before they start germinating by making use of an herbicide. Any pre-emergent herbicide will control the dreaded and other difficult to eliminate weeds by preventing their seeds to sprout in the lawn. Make use of the pre-emergent herbicide in the early days of spring.

Give importance to watering:  Regular watering is necessary if you wish to keep grass healthy throughout the year. It is recommended that you water the lawn one time in a week. You can get it reduced during damp weather condition when your lawn will be watered naturally. Make sure that the soil gets dried partially before you start watering the next time. It is best to water the lawn in the early morning. It will allow the water to slip into the soil thoroughly before it starts evaporating in the heat. Never water the lawn during the evening as the water will be clinging to the grasses overnight and will encourage pests as well as mildew. The watering amount will be based on the lawn as well as its conditions. Remember that you should never overwater the lawn. Observe the soil and if you find that water is coming out of the surface, understand that you have overwatered your lawn and it will not be able to absorb extra water any longer.

Keep your lawn well aerated: Too much compacted soil regardless of due to heavy usage or due because of natural origin will never absorb water and will hinder oxygen to reach seeds or plant roots. So you must keep your lawn well aerated. Make use of one proper garden fork for creating many small holes in the soil. All such holes will be loosening up your lawn’s soil and will be allowing moisture along with oxygen as well as nutrients for penetrating past the surface. Once your lawn is aerated, you must make sure that you continue watering often but make use of less water as it will let moisture reach the plants’ roots as well as soil and will not risk flooding.

Mow your lawn well and often: If you mow your lawn for a short duration it may be saving your time but it might damage your grass and let weeds to set roots. Try to keep the lawn a little taller as it will make your grass healthier. Generally you should not cut off greater than one third of your grass blade. Also keep the mower blade sharpened because a dull one will be tearing the grass and will cause a ragged edge making the total lawn appear grayish brown. Whenever your mower blade shows any sign of wear, sharpen and replace it at least one time in a mowing season. Your lawn size and mowing frequency will be helping you to understand how frequently you need to sharpen and replace your mower blade. Have a proper look at your mower blade once you are done with mowing. If you find it to be shredded and frayed be ready to sharpen it. Sharpen the mower blades from a local store for getting the smoothest cut.

Offer proper food to your lawn: Are you aware of what lawns consume? The most vital nutrient for lawns is nitrogen. Have a look at a mixture of fast as well as slow release fertilizer that will make your lawn look better very fast and also feed it beyond. It is suggested to feed your lawn during fall as well as spring in the North and during spring as well as summer in the South. Never feed any dormant grass as it will be taking no nutrients. Stay cautious while feeding your lawn as more will never be better. If you place a lot of nitrogen on the lawn, you will be burning it. Read the instructions on the package and follow all the directions of application.

Bottom line

So irrespective of if you are an expert in gardening or a beginner in it, contact Gazon Dexception for perfect service and get a perfect lawn easily throughout the year.

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