5 Reasons why MS Dhoni has been the most successful Indian Cricket captain

“Captain Cool”, that’s the name Mahendra Singh Dhoni has earned with his game. No doubt he was the most successful captain of the Indian Cricket team, and now, all of a sudden he has called quits from the limited format of the game too! Now Virat Kohli is the man, with all eyes upon him, he will need to prove himself and maintain his form on the similar track he has been until now, while facing the tremendous pressure a captain does. Mahi will always be respected, not just for his game, but more for the command he had on his team and the confidence and calm he had on the field. Ian Bishop has rightly stated – 

If 15 runs are needed off the last over, pressure is on the bowler…not on MS Dhoni.
MS Dhoni with World Cup 2011

1. Dhoni won India the ICC World Cup 2011 

He guided the Indian Cricket team to grab it’s second world cup title. Sourav Ganguly had done an amazing job in 2003, but India was beaten by Australia in the world cup finals. When very few Indians had hope with the team that played in 2011, what Dhoni brought back home was no less than a miracle for the cricket fans. Celebrations went on all around the country and people went crazy!

2. ICC WT20 2007 

When the most experienced and senior players like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid were deciding to skip the tournament, the responsibility of the team fell upon MS Dhoni. He was relatively new to the team, but had proved himself to be a valuable asset. With amazing wicket-keeping skills and aggressive batting, he was the best option India had at the time. Mahi proved himself and won the inaugural WT20 trophy. All the matches in the 20 over format series were thrilling, and MS Dhoni seemed to handle the pressure very well on the field!

3. Other Major Series won by Dhoni  

MS Dhoni was unstoppable in the past 10 years, and he kept gaining success, winning major series one after the another. This list included major titles such as 2008 Commonwealth Bank Series2013 Champions Trophy and 2016 Asia Cup T20. India had never won a limited over game in Australia, against the home country, but Mahi created history by winning 2008 Commonwealth Bank Series. He also managed to win the Champions Trophy in 2013, which India had never won individually. The Asia Cup was first time played as a 20 over format game in 2016. All other countries were on the lookout to beat the in-form Indian team. But Dhoni’s boys did not let their game lose, and they won this title too!

4. Confidence on Field 

Whenever India has come under situations where a match seemed impossible to win, MS Dhoni always seemed to have things under control. He was there to set the field from behind the wickets. He was there to give a wonderful finish to the game when last few runs had to be scored. And he was their to experiment with his batsmen and bowlers with positive outcomes. With so much pressure on his mind, he never failed to measure his decisions. He managed to scorch victory in most cases.

5. Cool and Calm 

MS Dhoni has never been seen in an aggressive brawl with any player on the field. Neither of his own team, or of the opponent’s. He has kept his patience on the field, observed every situation in the match before making a decision. He has always replied with his batting. Whenever Mahi is on the crease, we always have a hope that the match is still in the hands of the Indian team.

MS Dhoni : Cool and Calm

Apart from all these qualities, MS Dhoni is the best wicket keeper India has ever had. And there is no denying it, after all, who can hit the stumps without even looking at them? Only Mahi can! And he is also known as one of the best finisher as a batsman. Dhoni has defined a class of captaincy. He will remembered as no less than a legend of the cricket.

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