5 Qualities of Virat Kohli that can make him India’s next best captain

Dhoni’s surprise exit as Team India’s limited overs captain has led to a lot of talking around the nation. Fans are in a state of shock due to his surprise exit. He has surpassed all the captains of India till date in terms of achievements as a captain and has set amazing records. He is no less than a legend for Indian cricket. When Dhoni gave up India’s test captaincy, the era of Virat Kohli began as India’s next test captain. He proved himself with the time that he is no less than other successful captains of India.
Kohli has surpassed Tiger Pataudi’s and Sunil Gavaskar’s record with 10 Test wins. Virat Kohli has the highest win percentage of 58.82% amongst all the captains of India. Win percentage of Team India under Virat Kohli at home is 85.71%, which is again the highest figure amongst all the captains.  As a result, the pressure was mounting on the selectors when Virat Kohli was excelling tremendously as a Test captain. Now the time has come for Virat Kohli to lead team India in all the formats. Virat has all the ingredients to become the greatest captain of Team India in the upcoming years.
Here is the list of his 5 best qualities of Virat Kohli:

1.Always respects his seniors and try to learn from them

No other country has ever produced as many cricketing legends as India has ever produced. The list is huge, but some recent senior players like Sehwag, Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly have created a lot of impact on youngsters. To play with them and share the dressing room with them is the dream of every young cricketer. Virat Kohli got this opportunity in the very beginning of his career. Virat himself has stated so many times that how much he has learnt about the game from the seniors. When Kohli was new in the team, he used to play a bit slow and take time to build his innings. Once Sehwag asked him to play a bit faster as he had the potential.
In 2013, Kohli hit the fastest century by an Indian, surpassing Sehwag’s record of 2009. This shows how quickly he can learn and emerge as a destructive batsman. He can not only play some hard hitting strokes like Sehwag, but can also play watchfully like Dravid and masterly like The Master Blaster. Kohli has also learnt many captaincy aspects from Dhoni. Recently, his emotional tweet for Dhoni made it very clear that how much regard he has in his heart for the Legends.
Virat Kohli respects his seniors and learn from them

2.Encourages youngsters

After Dhoni’s retirement from Test captaincy, Kohli led a team of some talented young players. The winning rate suggests how much successful Kohli has been in leading and managing this young team. Dhoni also had the same quality when he was appointed as the new captain of India. Kohli is also following the same footsteps of supporting the brand new talents and win matches with them. U-19 Indian cricket team won the world cup under captaincy of Kohli in 2008. This proves that he very well understands the importance of youngsters in the team and the kind of talent they can possess. Youngsters like L.Rahul, Karun Nair have amazed the country with their performances. We have seen how Kohli celebrates the success of young players. He immensely gets excited when a young player scores even a half century or a ton. This shows the humbleness and supporting nature of Kohli, even after achieving some great level in the cricketing world.
Virat Kohli encouraging youngsters

3.Loves to perform under pressure

Kohli has scored 65% of his ODI runs during run chases, the percentage for Sachin Tendulkar is 47%  and for Dhoni is 44%. Whenever India needs to chase a big total, all eyes are fixed on Virat Kohli. Till the time Kohli is there on the pitch, India has all chances of winning the game.This shows how well he handles the pressure of a run chase and maintains his temperament. He can not only perform under a pressure of run chase but can also perform under the pressure of Captaincy. He is consistently scoring runs for India and winning matches for India both as a captain and batsman. Not many batsmen in the world have been able to do this. Kohli is the third captain to score three double hundreds in a calendar year (2016). Everyone has witnessed Kohli’s consistent performance in IPL irrespective of the immense pressure that is created in the T20 format.
Virat Kohli can perform well under pressure

4.Hunger for scoring runs never diminishes

He is 28 and has made 41 centuries in international cricket-26 in ODI and 15 in Tests. Isn’t that an amazing achievement? Virat Kohli, “The Run Machine of Indian Cricket Team”, this is how everybody addresses him.  It is very often now we hear “ Virat scored another century”. The best part of his game is, even after scoring a ton or playing for a long time, he do not loses his focus, never gives his wicket away, he chips single off the good deliveries and hits boundary or six off the bad ones. This shows he is still hungry for every single run, no matter how much he is tired or scored a good number of runs for himself and for the team. This is why in the very beginning of his career he is compared to The Legend Master Blaster. Kohli has the highest chances of breaking Sachin Tendulkar’s records, and even set new ones. Once in the interview Sachin said, “Virat has all the potential to break my records”.  With the kind of form he is in, he seems to be unstoppable. Surely, he would surpass huge records one-day.
Virat Kohli is always hungry for more runs

5.Dominates the opponents completely

Do not mess with Kohli! Yes, this is very true. Everyone has witnessed Kohli’s aggression on the ground. Whenever the opponents try to sledge him, he reverts to them with all his wit. He hits them with four or sixes, exchanges words, shows aggression during the fielding, replies humorously during press conferences and so on. In short, he never allows opponents to divert his focus from the game, instead he involves with even more energy and dedication to damage their game and not let their plans work on him. There was a time when Australians used to sledge Indians and dominate them completely. But now, the story has changed. Everybody knows what happened with Faulkner and Johnson when they tried sledging Kohli. Hence, while playing against India, opponents always feels the extra pressure created by Kohli.
Virat Kohli always dominates his opponents

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