10 Everyday Basic Beauty Tips To Follow

Flawless skin is everyone’s dream but without some beauty tips its hard to achieve. You need to take some extra care and move out of your comfort zone. A regular routine has to be developed which will help you improve your beauty. You have to go an extra mile to get some results. Since people are now moving towards more natural methods to attain flawless skin, there are endless tips and tricks. Many people are now challenging themselves and changing their lifestyle to get flawless looks. Healthy skin and a healthy body result in a confident personality, hence it is necessary to keep yourself healthy. We have come up with an amazing list of ten beauty tips that will give you healthy flawless skin.

1. Make a Sleep-Wake Cycle

“Beauty Sleep”, this term has a lot of meaning to it. You can use as many products as you want, on your skin but without a proper sleep, it will all be useless. It is healthy to get at least eight hours of undisturbed sleep time. A good night sleep gives your body time to rejuvenate and recover. It is the only time when your body repairs all the damaged cells. Establishing a proper sleep-wake cycle which allows you eight hours of rest will give you naturally glowing skin. This is the most basic step to achieving naturally beautiful looking skin.

Make a Sleep Wake Cycle

2. Follow a Skin Care Routine

Having a skin care routine is a must in our busy lives. Working all day and traveling through polluted streets takes a toll on our skin. To make it worse, the harsh sun rays gives pigmentation to our skin. The sunscreen is the hero that will prevent pigmentation of your skin. Never forget to wear sunscreen while going out in the sun. Also, during humid days, wash your face at least twice a day. If you have oily skin, then you can use your face wash more than twice a day. Always moisturize your skin and the best time to this is after taking shower and before going to bed. If you follow some of these basic routines, you are likely to get rid of pimples and bad skin day.

Make a Skin Care Routine

3. Water is Your Best Friend

Drink plenty of water throughout your day. Water is the best drink to rejuvenate you on any day. It has the capability to push out the toxins from your body. This is one of the most avoided suggestion even though it may sound easy. Water also enhances your metabolism and works wonders during hot summer days. It aids digestion and gives a radiant glow to your skin. Drinking lots of water also help to improve weight loss and improve skin complexion. This wonder drink is a life saver since it also enhances your immune system. There are so many benefits of drinking lots of water, so don’t avoid it.

Water is your best friend

4. Add Some Exercise to Your Routine

Well, you can’t run away from exercise. Many of us just don’t do “Exercise”, believe me, there are many of us. But that has got to change. Add some kind of physical activity in your daily routine is a must. Consider it one of the best beauty tips that anyone will ever tell you. Exercise helps in improving blood circulation throughout our body. This enhanced blood circulation allows removal of the toxins from your body at a faster rate. If you cannot take out even an hour for exercise then you can make small changes in your lifestyle. Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk to the nearby places instead of taking your vehicle. These small changes will make your life much better. 

Add some exercise in your routine


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5. Know Your Skin Type 

Knowing your skin type is very crucial since many allergic reactions can occur due to the cosmetic usage of products that do not match your skin type. Skin type is majorly classified as oily, regular and dry skin and many products are specific to a skin type. You can go to a dermatologist and know your skin type which will let you understand your skin better. Know your allergies and triggers. For dry skin, you can moisturize it often to prevent it from chapping. Oily skin tends to result in pimple formation. You can use various skin cleansers to get rid of oil and open up blocked pores. Just know your skin type and you will be good to go.

Know your Skin better

6. Eat a Balanced Diet 

This should not surprise you at all. It is said that what you eat shapes your body and if you eat healthily then you stay healthy. Eating a balanced diet is a must do beauty tip and nothing can replace it. Incorporate fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. Yogurt and Vitamin C rich fruits are good for the skin. Consume freshly prepared food and avoid reheating your food. A balanced diet is not complete without some protein and carbohydrate-rich food. Lean protein such as salmon is great for the skin. Also, add nuts and berries to your diet and rock the glowing skin. 

Eat a balanced diet

7. Use Makeup Sparingly

The pores on your face need to breathe and with all that makeup on, it becomes difficult for them to do so. Makeup not only blocks the pores in the skin, it can also lead to allergies and pimples. It is always advised to remove all the makeup before going to bed. That way your skin feels lighter and your face can breathe. One of the best ways to remove makeup quickly is using coconut oil. It works like magic and then you can simply wash your face with face wash and water. Try to minimize a number of products that you use. You can also add steaming to your basic beauty tips.

Use makeup sparingly - Best Beauty Tips

8. Go Natural With Your Face Packs

Face packs are the perfect option when you want a glowing and vibrant face instantly. Instead of going for cosmetic face packs you can make your own all natural face packs. Go crazy and experiment with the vast number of options that are available. Just google natural face packs and you will end up with so many results that you can have one new face pack for a day. Just be a little careful though and know your allergies and skin type before making your own natural face pack. Other than this small check, you are ready to dive in the world of all natural face packs for your skin. To add to it, the skin loves fresh fruits and it will definitely make your skin vibrant.

Go natural with your face packs

9. Try Dry Brushing 

Dry brushing may sound less familiar when we talk about beauty tips but it works like a charm. Dry Brushing massages the lymph nodes of the body and improves the blood circulation. The improved circulation of blood results in detoxing the body effectively. Not only this but dry brushing also removes the upper dead skin layer from the body. It helps in improving digestion and helps reduce cellulite. You can incorporate dry brushing in your daily beauty regime. Many celebrities swear by dry brushing to reduce cellulite so you got to try it once.

Dry Brushing - Best Beauty Tips

10. Relax – One of the Best Beauty Tips

Relax, just relax and take a day off from your day’s work. Relaxing does not have to mean you have to go to a spa or get mani-padi. Just like you work in your own way, you relax in your own way. For some people relaxing might mean back floating in the swimming pool at early hours of the day. Gazing at the lovely sky and the birds flying by.  Some people might find taking a walk in the park to be more calming. The conventional methods like spa and massage also work. So choose what you want to do and what makes you feel relaxed. Go ahead, take a day off!

Relax - Best Beauty Tips


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There are much more ways to get a healthy and glowing skin. Let us know which one works for you and if we missed out your basic beauty tips then comment below…

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