Summer Fashion – 5 Tips to Set a Trend

Fashion and summer do sound antonyms of each other. But to beat the scorching heat off and flaunt your skin is a big thumbs up for girls. Summer times bring in serious wardrobe envy along. Ramps, fashion shows, pageants – everything that is pompous and royal brings in the curiosity to buy everything. Laying our hands on these statement pieces is a lot tougher than it seems. The collection which usually summer fashion brings in is the brands handpicked from the creative headquarters respectively. Women’s apparel, accessories and shoes are some of the highlights that the summer wearing’s consist of. Contemporary to it the cool pieces that are worn from day to night usually rule in these stories. There is just one bold element on clear skin as it gets sunny the effect on artistic eyes, flaming lips and braids do count in trendy looks.

1. Go Floral – Best Summer Fashion Idea

Gelling sunscreen to protect from those harsh UV rays can be accompanied with a blooming dress which will spell a bound and make a girl feel fresh. Floral have always been a surprise element which brings in a lot of harmony affirmatively. With a bold graphic liner to understate that cat eye flick and undone hair embracing the natural texture is a mode which every girl could carry off with ease. There is a beautiful contrast between summer fashion and bright shades that sets apart the trend of having messy hair. When left open or tied up in the form of braids it often complements the floral look that a girl would carry. With simplicity and ease this positive and optimistic appeal always manages to work out when one goes out for a brunch under the summer sun.


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2. Biker Belle

To upgrade your fashion staple in this heat a biker belle teamed with a summer dress never goes wrong. Prep your skin with elixirs and serums to achieve an everlasting glow. Groomed brows and hydrated lips pull apart the customization of default looks. Highlighting your T-zones, top of cheekbones, and the inner corner of your eyes not only gives a look that radiates but also adds up a red flush bloom to your face. A convenient sculpt tie your hair high up to set a smart statement. Smitten with a bare-skin tone, apply moisturizer and concealer together for a luminous look.

An iridescent finish, cap off your look with a rosy glow blush like summer shades such as peach or beige. Strobing a layer of contour or a highlighter along with sharp silhouettes and fierce detailing break the sartorial status quo making the biker belle look even more enhanced and bold.


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3. Club Tropicana

Getting caught in tropical looks with halter neckline, fine camisole straps covered with palm leaves and exotic flowers are always a hit and considered sexy. Brown chalked eyes and embroidered brows in a little amount is a great combination. Golds, coppers and browns are popular eye-shade colors for summer which will suit the Tropicana look too. Natural, dewy makeup goes well with beach waves along the sharpness of canopy that totally camouflages this statement. A radiant look with minimal coverage of creamy texture on the face imparts an expensive, luxury skin as far as Tropicana is considered. However, summer fashion can go without a fuss with these simple application of fresh looks from dawn to dusk.


Club TropicanaImage Source: Inkase


4. Beach Folk

Give that beach wardrobe a stylish update this summer. A well executed contour is an incredible flattering shape worn to channel with Californian hippy vibe in a kaftan dress. Keeping it sober and vibrant simultaneously in these sunny days with tassel detailing is the main objective. A feline liner adds a modern but still feminine edge to summer look. The lip-line is more about the texture than the color. As far as beach dress needs to be complemented with a full cream or a matte .

Right texture is needful as it marks an important as well as bold look on a nude face of beach dresses. Glittering your face up with a little touch of compact powder also works in the heat. It maintains the glow of face avoiding the typical fade off specifically in beach times. So get going in the sands and cool waters of beach as your beach dress soaks and all the coolness and breeziness that summer air brings along.


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5. Summer fashion from 80’s safari

A blend of army utility and eighties styling has been a trend setter to beat the scorching sun. From subtle iterations to all the retro throwbacks of eighties the beauty of wearing the garment is a scene stealing look. The bonus points for metallic highlights add a glam touch to the reign supreme pattern. Eighties rave makeup couture have always been a covered deadlock of animal or stripes. The smudgy eye look in a clear skin will be a neat line to wear off with these eighties mark. Glossy violet, aquamarine and tangerine hues are often worn under the heat. These unexpected colors are always an element of surprise.


Blend of Army utility and 80's Styling

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