6 Hot Fox News Anchors of All Time

The halls of FOX News boasts of a pile of some of the most beautiful and hot Fox News anchors in the world. Every kinda woman say from a girl next door to the fashionista, is here.  In addition to this, not only their beauty but also their personalities and intellectual capabilities outshine that of many. No surprise why FOX News is one of the most watched news channels in the world.

Here is the list of hot FOX News anchors of all time and their work so far. These ladies are the perfect combination of beauty and brains along with enigma and charm. 

Hot Fox News Anchors

1. Jamie Colby

Jamie Colby, this incredibly beautiful and independent lady is an American national news correspondent and female anchor for FOX News Channel (FNC). Currently hosting the series ‘Strange Inheritance’ that airs from Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM/ET on the FOX Business Network(FBN). Born and brought in the New York City ‘The City that never sleeps’, Colby built up her career at very tender age. By attending the University of Miami’s International School of Business and earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting. She also has a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Miami School of Law when she was 22. 

From the very beginning, this renowned anchor was on the path of building her career to become worlds amazing anchor and journalist. She was an amazing student in her college life, accepting all the challenges and fulfilling her dream one by one. Her skillful ability and her hard work amazed everyone. She definitely deserves to be at the top of the hot FOX News anchors list.

Law and Journalism

The turning point in her life was when she was involved in the cases of Johnny Carson divorce and renewal agreements of NBC being a former law professor. Colby grabbed attraction of all people when she started working as an attorney in New York-based law firm. Jamie started her journalism career by working for New York-based television station ‘WPIX/WB-11’. She worked there as an anchor.

She entered the mainstream when she started anchoring for the FOX News. Not only FOX News but also worked as a correspondent at CNN Network. During her career phase, Colby received various honors such as Edward R. Murrow National Award in 2002, the Gracie Allen report for investigative reporting in 2000 and Clarion Award from the Association for Women in Communications. She was also named as the “Rising television star”.  In addition to her work experience in the various television broadcasting networks, she has also been impressive with her creative writing.

Hot fox news anchors - Jamie Colby

2. Sandra Smith

Sandra Kaye Smith, popularly known as Sandra Smith, is a hot, leggy reporter for the FOX Business Network in New York City. Along with this, she is the co-host of the show ‘Outnumbered’ in the FOX News Channel. Who would have said that this ingenious lady would be one of the popular television personalities from the network? At very early age this adroit received the All-DuPage Valley Conference honors. Besides these honors, she was an Academic All-conference selection and Illinois High School Association State qualifier. Later she continued her college at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

In the year 2007, FOX Business Network had one more hottie in their hall of hot Fox news anchors of the network, and after her debut, Sandy has been seen on many FBN shows. She is a frequent guest on FOX Business Happy Hour. She was a guest on the late-night satire program Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld. And that’s not all in her backpack. Smith also appears on Hannity every Wednesday.

From humble beginnings to great things

Zooming at the beginning of her career, Sandra started as a research associate at the Aegis Capital Group. Later on, she worked at the Hermitage Capital Management and continuing to work at Terra Nova Institutional situated in Chicago. 

It can be said that working for Terra Nov was the main turning point in her life as she worked as the Director of Institutional Sales and Trading where she had to handle the investment management and the hedge accounts wherein she helped in the program development of the trading models. After sometimes, Sandra made her debut for the Bloomberg Television as s reporter covering U.S. equities and derivative markets and thus contributing to the breaking news analysis. Her charming smile, a pair of beautiful eyes and golden hair makes her one of the most talented and hot FOX News anchors. Sandy is the most admired and praised lady for her talent.

Hot fox news anchors - Sandra Smith


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3. Molly Line

Molly Line is a Boston-based news correspondent for FOX Business Network. Incredibly beautiful and talented Line is one of the most modest and erotic anchors in FBN. Competing in the Miss West Virginia Pageant during her college days, Molly won the preliminary Miss Greater Bluefield Area Pageant. She is of American nationality and of white ethnicity and was raised in West Virginia. This uncommon lady graduated from Tucker County High School. She did her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Political Science from Virginia Tech.  

Beginning her career in journalism as a photographer/reporter at WDTV, Line worked for a year and amazed everyone with her talent and hard work in the respective field. She is one of the top members of the hot FOX News anchors list.

Molly Line and investigative journalism

During her administration at WFXT, she investigated on the sentencing of shoe bomber Richard Reid and the Station Nightclub Fire that killed more than100 people. Previously Molly Line also served as an anchor/reporter at WXXA. Because of her great experience in this respective occupation, she was given the opportunity to work in FBN where she is currently working. Her recent work is the report from the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. 

Molly Line has also investigated on the famous Cartoon Network called ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ scandal. Because of the subtle cognizance, she was involved in the arrest and extradition of Neil Entwistle who was accused of murdering his wife and baby in 2006 January. January 2006 was the year when Molly got called up to the big leagues, joining Fox News Channel as a Boston-based news correspondent. It’s been almost a decade or so since she has been with FBN and she is showing no signs of slowing down. She has made appearances on various shows such as The O’Reilly Factor, Huckabee, Geraldo at Large, Happening Now, America Live, The Five, Fox Report, and Fox & Friends. Focusing on Molly’s showing no signs of slowing down; she still has her fastball which will help her to go far way long.

Molly Line

4. Patti Anne Browne

Patti Ann Browne, a television broadcaster from the United States of America, is a popular news anchor and reporter and is mainly famous for her work at Fox News Channel. Sweet and sexy, Patti Ann Browne is also famous as the host of the show Fox News Extra segments. The ‘Notorious One’, Browne got this nickname for rapping on many episodes during early days of her shows.  Browne is also on the regular guest panel on Red Eye which is a late night talk show on Fox News. Also, Browne is one of the rotating co-hosts of the Fox early-morning show Fox and Friends First which directly precedes Fox and Friends. 

Browne’s relationship with Fox News Channel dates back to August 2000. She played various roles in different time slots. Either anchoring Fox News Live headline news updates or as a fill in host for many shows. This multitasker reports hourly news updates for the Fox News Radio network.

News 12 and MSNBC

Starting with her career prior to joining Fox News, Browne was an anchor for MSNBC. There she hosted a 2-hour weekend show and Weekend Morning Line. She is one of the most hot FOX News anchors and definitely a beauty to behold. 

During her tenure at MSNBC, she reported un-scripted breaking news and conducted live interviews with international newsmakers. But the story of rising career didn’t start of MSNBC. Before joining to MSNBC, Browne worked for News 12 Long Island. During her tenure with News 12, she was co-anchoring the station’s highest-rated show. Joining News 12 Long Island was just a general assignment wherein she was working as the reporter. She also spent several years out in the field as part of this assignment. During that time she was also covering major stories side by side with New York City reporters. This became a major turning point in her life. With several years of experience, this sensuous talent entered into the halls of FOX News Channel.

Patti Ann Browne


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5. Andrea Tantaros

Andreana Kostantina Tantaros, popularly known as Andrea Tantaros is an American conservative political analyst and commentator. Andrea is beautiful, exotic, smart, sexy, and funny too. Tantaros joined FOX News Channel in April 2010 as a political contributor. She was the original co-host of the famous show ‘The Five’ which aired on FOX News Channel. She was also the co-hosting the news show ‘Outnumbered’ which was also airing on Fox News Channel.

In addition to this, Andrea Tantaros was co-hosting a National Radio Talk Show called The Andrea Tantaros Show with Jason Mattera. Born and brought up in Pennsylvania, Tantaros was a student at Parkland High School. She graduated with a degree in French and Journalism from Lehigh University. From the very beginning, Tantaros started working as a spokeswoman for Massachusetts Governor. Later on, she worked for Congressman and former National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman.

Andrea Tantaros Media

The turning point in Andrea’s life was when she started ‘Andrea Tantaros Media’ which provided information relating to the Fortune 500 companies and political campaigns. Joining the FOX News Channel in 2010, Tantaros hosted the famous show ‘The Five’ which was the second-most watched show in television beating the competitors – MSNBC and CNN. However, after working for several years, she was taken off from the show ‘Outnumbered’ due to some contract issues. 

One of the most hot FOX News anchors, she was fired due to her appearance on an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America. She was given a warning that if she did the interview it would be a breach of her contract with Fox News. She definitely deserves to be on the list of hot FOX News anchors.

Andreana Kostantina Tantaros

6. Ainsley Earhardt

Ainsley Earhardt is an American journalist and reporter working for the FOX News Channel. Earhardt is a sexy sight at morning 5 am where she provides the early morning news updates. She earlier did reporting for FOX’s Hannity with her own segment called “Ainsley Across America” which won appreciation worldwide. She is a beauty to behold and one of the most hot fox new anchors of all time. 

Ainsley Across America

With such gaining popularity attitude, Earhardt was promoted to co-host Fox and Friends First aired on FOX News Channel in the year 2014. This show was an informative first look about the news at 4 am and a front-row seat was always booked to have the look of Ainsley’s smoking hot legs! She not only works as a reporter/anchor but also as a correspondent. Beginning from her career point of view, Ainsley worked with WLTX-News 19 during her graduation period at a very young age. She not only works as a reporter/anchor but also as a correspondent.

At the beginning of her career,  Ainsley worked with WLTX-News 19 during her graduation period at a very young age. Being the top student in her university, she was hired by the News19 channel. The news channel was airing her show during mornings as well as noon. She then kept joining in various News channels until she made it to the big-league by joining FOX News Channel. Earhardt truly depicts the title ‘Beauty with Brains’. She already has loads in her plate and will definitely shine on the brighter side in coming future. She definitely deserves to be on this list of hot FOX News anchors of all time.

Ainsley Earhardt

These were few of the hot FOX News anchors in the halls of FOX News. They always cover the news and reports with their intellects as well as their beauty. Do let us know your favorite one in the comments below.

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