A Complete Guide to Choosing a Fresh Produce Store for Your Jams and Jellies

If you love your morning toast with a layer of tasty jam, you have reached the right place. Jams and jellies are made of different fruits along with preservatives to give them a longer shelf-life.

You can buy different jams and jellies packed in tight storage containers from reputed brands like stillwatermarket.farm in the US. The market choice of different flavors of jams can be overwhelming for a first-time buyer.

Read on to find the different types of these preserved food items and the right way to select one.

How are Jams and Jellies Prepared, and How are They Different?

According to recent reports, jams and jellies are experiencing increasing demand in Europe and North America among all age groups. Although jams and jellies are both fruit spreads, the preparation and ingredients differ for both these preservatives.
Jams are made with crushed fruits. Hence, it is a thicker spread and covers your bread while holding shape. You can find chunks of fruits inside jam bottles you buy from a premium company.

Jellies are made from fruit or vegetable juices. They have a firmer texture that can hold themselves in a particular shape.
The main ingredients used to prepare jams and jellies are:

● Sugar: It is a preservative that prevents the growth of microorganisms.
● Acid.
● Pectin: It is a fiber found in plants and fruit cells. It gives the right texture to fruits used in making jams and jellies.
● Water.
● Citric acid.

How to Buy Jams and Jellies from a Fresh Produce Store?

If you are looking to buy jams and jellies from your local market, here are a few tips that can help you choose the right brand.

Check for Naturally Sweetened Fruit Spreads

Organic fruit jams and jellies are made with natural or zero-calorie sweeteners. Some jams made with natural, pest-free fruits have the flavors intact. Hence, they are a healthy choice for many individuals.

You can buy organic fruit spreads made of strawberries, figs, and raspberries.

Choose the Right Type of Jams and Jellies

You can buy jams and jellies for marinating and cooking too. For example, pineapple or jalapeno jelly can be used to marinate chicken while making kabobs. Seasonal fruits like blueberry, cherry, and plum are widely popular during Christmas Eve. They are an excellent combination of pancakes and waffles.

Tips for Storing Jams and Jellies

Here are a few tips to make store-bought fruit spreads taste better and last longer.

● You can add chia seeds or squeeze lemon to increase the acidity. It acts as a natural preservative and increases the shelf life of jams and jellies.
● According to the instructions, once you open the jam or jelly bottle, you must use it up within 3-4 months.
● It is essential to keep opened cans in the refrigerator for long-term use.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to buy a fresh produce jam or jelly which does not contain artificial flavoring agents. You can also choose preserved food according to the ingredients like ginger, mint, or other herbs and spices that suit your taste buds.

It is essential to choose fruits according to the content of pectin and natural acid content. Selecting a mix of fruit jam with balanced acid content will taste better and last for more prolonged use.

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