7 Common Online Dating Mistakes That Men Make

Online dating has become a common scenario these days. You can even find your perfect match online. Looking for a girlfriend? Well, it has become really easy now. There are many online dating sites where you can signup and meet new people. In fact, the online dating industry now reports annual revenues of nearly $1.25 billion. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Then why is it that many people end up being single even after the existence of dating sites. Many men these days tend to make mistakes as a result of which they find it hard to date. Some of you might even have had a few ladies interested in you but somehow you seem to have driven them away. Since there are so many men out there who are smart enough to identify the real problem.

There are many common online dating mistakes that men make. Since there are so many men out there who are smart enough to identify the real problem. It can be as simple as the way you talk, maybe you talk too much, maybe you are just text flooding her. There are many common online dating mistakes that men make. Take a look at our list of common online dating mistakes. If you find something that resonates with what you have been doing then it’s time you stop it. Following is a list of 7 Common Online Dating Mistakes that Men Make.


Online Dating Mistakes


1. Being Ambiguous

Does your profile picture on the dating site looks like the one below? If your answer is yes then this might be one of the biggest reason that you are unable to get a girl online. Studies have shown that a solo profile photo receives 53 percent more text messages than group photos. So guys, stop being ambiguous on online dating sites. Next time you want to display a picture of you along with your friends on dating sites, think twice. Do you want to confuse the girl who chances upon you? What if she gets the wrong guy from you profile photo? You certainly need to change your profile picture to one of your great solo pictures. Change it now because it can be the biggest online dating mistake that you are probably making.


Being Ambiguous


2. Writing Your Life History

Common people, accept this fact. Most of the time autobiographies are boring unless you are Steve Jobs or Trevor Noah. It gets annoying when people write about how many people they have dated in past or how they were famous and everybody liked them in high school. We don’t want to hear about your life history or high school fame. What makes us really wonder about you is things that you are interested in. The hobbies that you have or the places you have been to. You have to be careful not to overshare your details since history is flat boring. Keep it interesting, keep it short and crisp, mysterious enough to make us wonder about you.

Writing your life history


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3. Text Flooding

You really need to text a simple “Hi, what’s up?” to start any conversation. Even if the girl doesn’t respond to it, it does not imply that you need to keep texting her. If you do that then you will probably end up on her Block List. Try to make a great textual impression with a one-line message about something you noticed on her profile. Don’t keep texting endlessly about yourself when you are first starting to talk. Sending random messages will certainly pave your path to her block list and nowhere else. Also, stop inventing your abbreviations, we won’t get it since this would be the first time we are texting each other. Texting is a way to get to know each other and if you are texting your own abbreviations which we don’t get then we are not going anywhere.


Text flooding


4. Being Aggressive

Just because you liked a girls profile photo and checked out her profile, dropped her a message does not mean that she is obliged to talk to you. If she does not feel that she should text you back then you cannot make her do it. You need to stop dropping one-liners every two minutes. You have to stop stalking her and invest your energy somewhere else. Handle your aggression and instead of going after one girl who does not care for you, try to see others.



5. Faking It

Many men make this one common online dating mistake. For instance, standing next to a super expensive car in your profile photo does not mean that you own it. You may at times, but most of the time it is otherwise. Many people even put photoshopped pictures as profile pictures. These are a total give out that you are just faking it. Stop faking it because it will not get you an online date. Just be genuine and be yourself. We like men who are genuine and who show exactly what they are.


Stop Faking It


6. Sexting so Early

Most of the times when women are on online dating sites, they are just looking to start a good conversation with a decent guy. Where it goes after that is a completely different story. It heavily depends on the nature of your conversations if she will continue talking to you or bail out. They may be curious but sex is not on their cards just yet. So if every second text that you send is going to be sexual innuendo, then you need to quit it right away. This can be a downfall in your budding relationship.


Sexting alreay


7. Showing Off

You may have great abs, like the picture below, or you may have a great house. You may even have the latest phone, but what is that supposed to do with your dating profile. Should it turn us on? because it does not work that way. You may look like someone a girl doesn’t want to date but how is she supposed to know? Many times ladies take no chance and they would prefer not to talk to you. So stop showing off and be who you are, if a girl likes you then it will be for who you are not your belongings.


Stop showing off


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