Ireland and it’s 8 Amazing Destinations You Would Want to Visit

Along with the rich culture and the fascinating scenic beauty, Ireland is the perfect travel destination that matches every visitor’s expectations. If at all ancient history is your thing, Ireland has plenty of it. With all those vernacular poetic effect, the UNESCO city of literature, traditional music and dance and Irish graphic arts and sculpture, Ireland is the unique crowning corner of the world to have a great holiday. Situated in the North Atlantic region, Ireland nevertheless reflects the tourist attraction from all over the world. Below are some of the most mesmerizing places in Ireland that one should surely visit in his/her lifetime. Pick you own favorite destination spot in here and do let us know!

1. Cliffs of Moher

Visit to Ireland is definitely incomplete without experiencing this breathtaking view at the The Cliffs of Moher. 700 feet above the ground-level, this placed attracts more than one million visitors per year, thus becoming the most popular place in Ireland. The amazing view of the landscape, seascape and the entire island draws the attention of many people to visit Ireland. The beauty of Mother Earth makes one forget about all his miseries and let one fall in love with nature while standing at the edge of this magnificent cliff.

Cliffs of Moher- Ireland

2. Dublin

Spending the weekend in the capital of Ireland is the best you can do with your trip in Ireland. Dublin is the massive combo of pubs, music, historic sculptures and great culture. Lovers of art and literature will find their place at one of the oldest university Trinity College at Dublin. Unplanned rambles through the entire city, historic cathedrals like Christ Church and St. Patrick’s Church including those live buskers on the streets are worth visiting for.


3. Aran Island

For over centuries, Aran Island has grabbed the attention of many visitors to have a glimpse of the very prestige tradition of Ireland. This region is completely isolated from the mainland. The Irish here maintain more traditional lifestyle compared to the rest of Ireland. Located towards the west coast at the mouth of Galway, Aran Island showcase the country’s rich past. Renting a bike and making a loop around the entire island is probably the best way to explore this place.

Aran Island

4. Giant’s Causeway

Since it was created as a result of a volcanic eruption over million years ago, Giant Causeway is one of the best places to walk-in in the North Ireland. Natural basalt rock formation appears to be geometrically too perfect to be formed by nature, so it is said that these rocks are formed by ancient Irish giant Finn MacCool. No matter how it came into its existence, Causeway is the best place to visit to enjoy the breathtaking view of the cliffs and the entire island.

Giant's Causeway

5. Glendalough

Besides all the breathtaking views of Ireland, Glendalough is the most prominent monastic sites in Ireland near Wicklow Mountains National Park. The unusual fact about this place is that it is a valley of two lakes. This 6th century settlement was founded by very well-known monarch. The impressive remains are still found at the Irish countryside.

Glendalough - Ireland

6. Ring of Kerry

South-Western sector of Ireland is wrapped with the most jaw dropping landscape of Ring of Kerry which is almost 120 miles long. Ancient monuments, spectacular gardens, romantic castles and those colorful villages and towns are a prominent feature of this area. Ring of Kerry brings down the real picture of the natural beauty of land of rural greenery along with fascinating springs. Famous for scenic beauty, this place is also rich in flora and fauna and highly regarded culinary delights. Enjoying the weekends at the Ring of Kerry is the classic way to have fun.

Ring of Kerry

7. Galway

Galway, located in the West Ireland, is well-known for mesmerizing art galleries and shops and the city’s charming medieval quarters. With traditional music and dance forms, Galway is an ideal travel destination for all those outsiders seeking true Irish travel experience. If you are visiting Galway, then do not miss the street shopping. Have an encounter with fun loving people living there and have a great time!


8. Connemara National Park

Last but not the least! The Connemara National Park is the perfect panorama to enjoy your holidays along with herd of native Ponies. Don’t miss the countryside view rambling around the beautiful mountain ranges. Located in the remote area of West coast of Ireland, Connemara has various opportunities of trekking and hiking. Also it is a wonderful place to drive around which makes this place more fascinating and pleasing. The thing that makes this place more admirable is the famous Kylemore Abbey, a Benedictine monastery.

Connemara National Park

So why waste time thinking about these amazing locations? Plan a trip to Ireland and lose yourself in the beauty of nature along with the ancient historic touch with some metropolis fun and lovely poetry effect!

fáilte go hÉirinn….!

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