10 Facts About President Trump’s Limo That Will Blow Your Mind

We don’t know how much you are familiar with the facts related to the Trump’s limo, let us introduce you to “The Beast” (Cadillac Limousine). Actually, a lot many facts have been kept secret about the car, but a few have leaked out over the years. One thing is for sure which is known to everybody that Trump now  rides in one of the most sole and secure car on the planet. So, we think you should also know about the information that has been made public. Here is the list, have a look. 

1. Involves Research and Development cost of around $ 15 million

When it comes to designing a car for the most powerful person on the earth, then it is very obvious that it involves a lot of R&D work. Its not just picking up a normal limousine and modifying it and adding a bullet proof glass. A lot many things had to be considered while designing and building Trump’s limo. It is estimated that around $15 million was spent in just R&D.

The research and development cost of trump's cost is huge


2. Almost a Tank

So, after a lot of R&D, the features of the car make it as powerful as a tank. It includes 5 inch bullet proof glasses, 8-inch thick armored door, a steel plate underneath the car protects it against bomb and the cabin is sealed in case of a biochemical attack. The Beast is 18 feet long and 5’10 feet tall. Hence, the overall features of Trump’s limo makes it a more tank than car.

Trump's limo is almost a tank

source: Daily Mail Online

3. Limo cost $1.5 million and mileage 4 miles per gallon

Obviously with so many features and security it will cost a lot. A normal limo will cost around $ 75k, but the cost of one Presidential Limo is estimated to be around $1.5 million. This cost does not include the cost of gasoline which is also slightly high as the mileage is only 4 miles per gallon.

Costly limo and less mileage

Source: leftlanenews

4. It is fast and Furious

As the car is heavy as a tank, it consumes a lot of gasoline but at the same time it is also fast. It can reach 60 mph in 15 seconds. A trained secret service agent drives Trump’s limo. He can drive it furiously like a Ferrari and take President out of the danger when there is a need.

Trump's limo is also very fast

Source: Daily Mail

5.  Group of Limos

According to the sources, it is believed that there are 12 limos and President’s limo is always surrounded by two or three Beasts. This is done to bluff assassins who will have no idea about which one holds the President. All the other limos in the group are exactly same as Trump’s limo.

The trump's limo are never just one

Source: shtfplan

6.  First limo then President

Yes, The Beast is always the first to reach the target destination. The US army plays an important role in transferring Trump’s limo and other secret service agents to the destination. They reach and prepare for the President’s arrival.

trump's limo is always sent ahead

Source: ilyke

7. Size matters

The number of limos included in the journey and the size of protection and support staff varies according to the threat level of that particular area. The more dangerous the area the more vehicles and staff will travel with the motorcade.

Source: nationalpost (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) ORG XMIT: DCDP112

8. Protected by various agents

There are numerous agents in and out of the limo who look out for possible threats. There is an inbuilt phone in the car which will dial the Vice President’s number  when there is attack on the vehicle. Wireless transmissions are continuously decoded by the agents to figure out any terrorist attack when the motorcade is on move.

All eyes on the trump's Limo

9. Tremendous Firepower

The car supports six-barreled Gatling gun that can fire thousand rounds per minute. Serious firepower, isn’t it?

Tremendous Firepower

Source: charlie-clark

10. It comes with a touch of James Bond

Yes, few other features of the Trump’s limo resembles the features that are shown in James Bond’s movies. The car has night vision camera, tear gas grenades, fire fighting equipment, even if the tires burst it can carry the vehicle very easily without breaking down. It can easily withstand chemical attack and obviously it has oxygen supply.

James bond touch


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