Top 5 Best Drone Apps for 2018

Being an active member of latest digital trends is very important nowadays. This also applies to have a sound knowledge of drone flying skills. While there are flying guides and tutorials for this, you can also download the useful applications right away. There are some other apps and DJI GO 4 app specifically for the best DJI drones. They help you in flying drones in different weather conditions, data gathering, height adjustments and much more. We are going to introduce you to some of the best drone apps for 2018.


best drone apps


1. Dji Go 4

Introduced by the DJI (Dà-Jiāng Innovations), this app works well with all the best DJI drones like Phantom series, Inspire series and Osmo series. It gives a real-time HD view and lets you shoot with full focus. It also provides image transmission and camera settings adjustments.

2. Airmap

One of the useful apps for drone especially for commercial purposes. This is a free app which lets you pick the most suitable locations for your drone to fly. It is compatible with DJI drones. What’s more, this app informs nearby airports that you are flying a drone. This is made possible by its Digital Notice and Awareness System.

3. Hover

Another free and easily downloadable app from Google Play. Hover app gives you information about the maps and locations as well as of weather conditions. So, you know if the present level of visibility, wind speed and location are good or not. It is a user-friendly app and gives a clear fly/not-fly indicators. Moreover, it gives the information about the timings of sunset and sunrise. This also helps in choosing the right time to fly.

4. Drone Deploy

A great app to program an automated path of flight for your drone. This is a useful app for photography purposes. Whether you have to do photography, videography or scanning, this app will manage you to take the best of all. It helps you to control take-offs, image capturing, flight patterns and other processes more conveniently. It has an understandable interface and is the most suitable for inspire and phantom DJI drones.

5. Uav Forecast

This would be a good app to install if you want to get all info about the weather. This app’s primary focus is on the weather. This lets you select the day most suitable for a drone flight. The kind of information that this drone app gives are wind speed, direction, wind chill, cloud coverage, visibility, and temperature. It gives no-fly zones alerts and flight restrictions. So, this is also a pretty useful and free app for drone flight


best drone apps 2018


Getting all the required information before you are ready to fly your drone is very necessary. In the past years, it was very difficult to get an idea about the nature of the place and conditions beforehand. This led to a number of accidents. But, recent digital technological innovations and application development has made it a lot easier. These apps work smartly and give the correct information. With the right conditions and suitable place, you can have your successful drone flight every time.

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