12 DIY Room Decor Ideas on a Budget

DIY room decor ideas to your rescue! Are you bored of your same, old and usual bedroom?? Fetching for some massive transformation there? Does that mean highway robbery or to break the bank at the stores?? No! It means it’s the time to take out those glue guns, scissors, crafts stuff and all those rugs to make some fancy DIY decorations. Sounds interesting right??

Here is a list of few cool DIY room decor ideas that will act as helping hand for making your bedroom a better place to live in..!


1. DIY Jar of Dreams

If you have good thoughts, Mason jar project is the one for you. What you need is just a few colored bits of paper all filled with your dreams and those inspirational quotes that you wish to read always. A Jar of Dreams is a super cute reminder that one should look forward to at every single day. One of the best DIY room decor ideas to brighten up the place.

DIY room decor ideas - DIY Jar of Dreams

2. DIY Invisible Book Shelf

If books are not just books for you, they are your treasures then this DIY decor is for you. Bookworms are notorious hoarders in reality as they usually pile up books on their nightstand or squeeze them under the bed. Instead of these things invisible bookshelf is the best and the most creative idea to showcase the passion for reading books. Cozy reading at every nook and corner of the home, this is really amazing idea to create your own library.

DIY room decor ideas - DIY Invisible bookshelf

3. DIY Plastic Spoon Mirror

Tired of buying those expensive mirrors? Why not try one at home itself. By using a Plain mirror and decorating it with plastic spoons create your own fancy and ingenious mirror. Maybe then you’ll find the answer, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the best one of them all??” Certainly one of the most mystique DIY room decor ideas.

DIY room decor ideas - DIY plastic spoon mirror

4. DIY Fairylights

Brighten up your wall by draping simple fairy lights with added photographs as every picture has some stories to tell. These fairy lights add character and fun to almost every little space in your room. The dreamy addition with magical glow just goes up within minutes. You just need to string them, plug them and then enjoy the beauty of twinkle lights.

DIY room decor ideas - DIY fairylights

5. DIY Dreamcatcher

If you have dreams and really want to catch them, try to chase them. Dream-catcher depicts good vibes and positivity around. So why not have this enlarge the idea of positiveness along with some fancy talent? Dreamcatchers are one of the best DIY room decor ideas to make your room vibrant.

DIY room decor ideas - DIY dreamcatchers

6. DIY Tick-Tock Clock

Bored of the same old clock??? Why not add an edge to it? Instagram photos around the clock will make your room look astounding thus procuring attention of all especially yours. Making those old boring clocks to completely new elegant one!

DIY room decor ideas - DIY Clock

7. DIY Wall Decor

Now, this wall decor is for those who have their favorite corners in their room. You can jot down your favorite quotes or pictures and place them at the corners to dole out 3-D effect. This can be a cool idea for them who have their special one to place their letters or picture at your favorite corner, and when this special one turns out to be a frog, instantly remove and replace..!

DIY room decor ideas - DIY wall decor

8. DIY Charging Holder

Are you always tangled with these charging cords and wires?? The solution is this DIY charging holder. It’s the easiest on the pocket-box charging holder. What you need is just a box, some crafts related things to decorate, and here you are with the problem solved.

DIY room decor ideas - Charger Holder

9. DIY Chandelier

Now, this decor is one the messiest thing to do but believe me it’s worth it! Having these beautiful Chandeliers on the ceiling of your room makes your room look more fascinating. What you need is just some glue, yarn, and big blown-up balloon. Make some intricate spider-web designs and casts the shadows on the wall.

DIY room decor ideas - DIY chandelier

10. DIY Pillows

Freshen up your bed by designing your cozy pillows with various graphics and sayings that can be found anywhere. It’s better you don’t face any trouble for doing that as one can find them easily and it portrays one’s personality and style.

DIY room decor ideas - DIY pillows

11. DIY Headboard

A bedroom is a place where one feels like heaven- a place to relax, unwind all your tensions and problems and have a good night sleep. It just comes down to have a great headboard so instead of going for furniture stores try it out by using different Washi tapes using different designs. And there you go… with great good night sleep.

DIY room decor ideas - DIY Headboards

12. DIY Lamps

What goes better on a hot summer?? Ice-Cream..! And what is even better.. That you save all those ice-creams sticks and make out fancy looking lamps! It’s true that you’ll have to have loads of ice-creams to save those sticks but who wouldn’t do that to have this beautiful result.

DIY room decor ideas - DIY lamps

Don’t Thank me… Go instantly and remove all the glue, scissors, and all crafty materials and make your room a new place to live in..! I’m sure it will be fun. Let me know which was your favorite one???

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