15 Cool Cheap Gadgets That You Can Buy on Amazon

Cool Cheap Gadgets are hard to come by and super fascinating not to have. From Tesla watches to Bluetooth key finders, all these useful gadgets are available now. More importantly, these gadgets now come at affordable prices which makes them even more irresistible. Websites like Amazon and Snapdeal have made the availability of these gadgets to all the internet users. Cool Cheap Gadgets are unique and owning even one of them gives you a boost of confidence. Here is a list of some of the coolest gadgets available for purchase and that too at an affordable price.

1. Wireless Key Finders

Having a bad day can get worse if you forget your keys at home. Not just keys but cell phones, luggage, and even your small pen-drives. This happens many times and especially at the time when you are in a hurry. Don’t you just wish that there was some way to magically find your keys? For all us miserable people there is just the right gadget available to fulfill our wishes. The wireless key finders are small tags which can be attached easily to the key chain. These tags remember the last location where your item was kept. So when you can’t find your keys, all you got to do is to ring the tag from your cell phone. The tag will ring loudly and you will know where to look for your keys. 

Tile Mate

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2. Cryptex USB Stick

This is one of the cool cheap gadgets which is perfect for Da Vinci lovers. We all use USB drives but owning a cool looking USB is just next level. The Cryptex USB Sticks are designed based on the original sketches of Leonardo Da Vinci. It is not just the looks but also how it works that will amaze you. The USB drive is safeguarded by the mechanical combination lock just like original Cryptex. The mechanical lock requires a 5-digit combination of numbers to access the drive. This is the best way to safeguard your data in Da Vinci style. They even have two different colors for you to choose from. Get your own Cryptex USB drive from Amazon right now.

Cryptex USB Drive

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3. WiFi Range Extender

One of the most commonly faced problems is the small wi-fi range. You have to strategically place your router in the center of the house but that also becomes a problem. The wi-fi range extenders are the best gadgets to combat this problem. These devices work like repeaters and enhance your existing wi-fi range. The best way to decide where to place the wi-fi range extenders is to check the wi-fi range in each room. You can use NETGEAR’s WiFi Analytics App to do this. The room with the weakest signal is the most apt room to place the wi-fi range extender. Once you are done, you can enjoy high-speed wi-fi throughout your house.

Cool Cheap Gadgets - Wifi Range Extender

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4. Spider Mouse

You all must have that one colleague who totally freaks out at the sight of a spider. This cool cheap gadget is the perfect gift for them. This mouse has a real spider in clear acrylic, yes a real spider. The best part is that it doesn’t just look good it also works perfectly. The mouse has a left and a right click button along with a scroll wheel. It also has a combination of cool lights that glow the spider when the mouse is in use. Each mouse is unique since they all have real spiders suspended in acrylic. These are perfect for a Halloween gift for your geek friends and colleagues. 

Cool Cheap Gadgets - Spider Mouse

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5. Retro Arcade Watch

It is a super cool classic arcade cabinet that you can get on your wrist. This arcade cabin is not just a real working watch but it is also decorated for a game of Galactic Defense. The watch shows the time analog style in a combination of dials with space rocks and a little ship. If you are thinking if the watch is able to emit sound along with the lights, then you are right. The familiar sound “PEW” “PEW” goes off as you destroy the spaceships. With an estimated battery life of one year this watch works as w perfect gift for your friends. Sounds super cool and if you have a unique collection of cool watches then you need to have this one as well. 

Retro Arcade Watch- Classic Collectors

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6. Portable Solar Charger

Did you ever go hiking? Well ofcourse always, this is not the question. The question is have you ever experienced “low battery” warning situation? The worst thing that can happen to your perfectly planned hiking trip. The next cool cheap gadget that is perfect for you is a Portable Solar Charger. These babies are super cheap and come with a shockproof, waterproof and dust-proof exterior. They have an attached hook that lets you attach it to your backpack. That way it is super handy to carry and charges by solar. The charger is compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Android phones, Windows phones,  and GoPro Camera. This gadget is a lifesaver so you really don’t have to think twice before buying it.

Cool cheap Gadgets - Portable Solar Charger

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7. Dual USB Car Charger

You got to get one of these! The Dual USB Car Chargers is one of the most used cool cheap gadgets today.  Charging your cell phone at home is a thing of past now, you ask why. Well, that is because of the hectic lifestyle of the working class. No time to get home, lots of meetings and places to be. This Dual USB Car Charger will always come in handy in case of any emergencies.  Going for a long drive can now be fun since you don’t have to carry an extra charger with you. Nor do you have to worry about electricity or a charging plug point. The charging time is very less and you can charge two iPads simultaneously. It has all the perks of a handy gadget so no reason not to buy one. 

Car Mobile Charger

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8. USB Wall Socket

The USB Wall Socket is a screwless wall plate that provides high-speed USB charging points. USB charging point is a real dream come true. No need to use an adapter for these sockets since you can directly plug in your USB chargers. These wall sockets come with chips which monitor the power need and deliver the optimal power for charging. The charging from the outlets is high speed and the socket is safe from tampering since it is screwless. You can charge two devices simultaneously from the USB wall socket and that too is high-speed charging. If you are worried that the port might over charge your device then you have to stop getting worried. The socket comes with intelligent chips and they prevent this from happening. These are super easy to install so get your USB Wall Socket now.

USB wall charger

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9. Fidget Spinner

The most in gadget that everyone is looking for is the fidget spinner. This gadget is a simple spinner but the satisfaction that one gets from spinning it is just amazing. There are so many varieties of them available on the online stores. You can buy different types of spinners, 3 sided, 6 sided and even 2 sided ones are available. Spinners are great for those trying to quit nail biting or smoking. It is also helpful to get rid of all types of attention deficit disorder and ADHD. Different spinners have different running time, mostly between 1-3 minutes. Colorful spinners form different patterns while spinning which is fun to watch. These spinners are quite and damage proof from falling down. They are just hard to resist so get one of these cool cheap gadgets.

Cool Cheap Gadget - Fidget Spinner

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10. USB Lighter

Tired of refilling the fluids of the lighters? Not anymore. One of the best cool cheap gadgets, USB lighter is one of a kind. There is no need of fluid to light up the lighter since this lighter is rechargeable. You heard it right. The USB lighter is very different from the regular lighters. It is an electric lighter which creates an electric dual arc when you open it. This dual arc lighter is stronger than single arc and lighters. These lighters usually last upto  250-300 uses. After this, you need to recharge it by USB for a period of 2 hours. The lighter also comes with the charging indicator which turns green when it is fully charged. For added safety, it also comes with a safety lid so that the kids are safe around it. This is one of the cool cheap gadgets which you will want to own.

USB Lighter

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11. Bluetooth Lights and Speakers

Christmas one of the busiest times of the year. From cooking to decorating and even the music, you have a lot to handle. The Bluetooth Lights come in handy during such times. There is an array of 80 white iridescent lights and it comes with 4 built-in speakers.  You can use it indoors to decorate your Christmas tree or you can use it outside to decorate your fence. The choice is all yours. The best part about them is that you can change the color of the lights and also the song with the help of your cell phone. These lights are made with waterproof technology so you do not need to worry about them getting wet outside. The Bluetooth Lights are perfect for more than one occasion, so you will always use them.

Decorative String Lights with bluetooth speakers

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12. Nintendo 64 Controller for PC

Playing video games with controllers has its own charm and now you can relive that feeling. To play PC games just like video games, you can now buy this gadget. One of the most used among the other cool cheap gadgets, this controller is USB enabled. To play using the controller all you need to do is to install the CD and plug in the USB port. The controller comes with ten easy to reach buttons complete with a joystick. These buttons are designed to recreate the feel of a 64-bit controller. You can get two of these and play along with your friends. All you gaming fanatics, give this gadget a try. Cool cheap gadgets like this with affordable prices are hard to come by!

Nintendo Controllers

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13.  USB Rechargeable Batteries

One of the best inventions of all times, USB rechargeable Batteries. One of the best cool cheap gadgets that you can buy, these batteries can be charged hundreds of times. You should not worry about over charging them because they are intelligent chargers. The time of charging is a little over five hours but you can use any USB port to recharge them. These cells are designed for real time use and they also save your money. You do not need to buy the new ones when one of it runs out. Use them in your cameras and remote control just like you use the regular batteries. Pretty handy to own these, so get a set for yourself.

Rechargable Cells

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14. Bluetooth Folding Keyboard

Who doesn’t want folding keyboards? These gadgets save lots of space and are pretty handy. One of the coolest gadgets, these folding keyboards are Bluetooth enabled. Made up of durable metal this keyboard is compatible with iOS/Mac OS, Android, Windows and most bluetooth-enabled devices. The layout of the keys are QWERTY format and hotkeys are also available. The battery lasts upto 64 hours and has a charging time of only four hours. This triple fold keyboard is ultra-slim and pairs easily with your devices. If you hate touch typing then you should certainly give this product a try.

Foldable Keyboard

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15. Transformers USB Stick

The USB drive that transforms into a leopard in seconds will be any one’s eye-candy. This 16 GB flash drive is ever Transformer fan’s dream come true. It is a perfect gift for your young siblings who have grown up watching Transformers series and are in love with it. The USB stick works like a regular 16 GB flash drive and it certainly transforms your workspace. It is hard to forget and hard to ignore. It is a great conversation piece and is likely to help you connect with other Transformers fans. With amazing flexibility and solid parts, this gadget is a must have. This is one of the most awesome gadgets among all the cool cheap gadgets

Transformers USB Drive

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